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Cloud Cam Demo Cloud Cam Demo Cloud Cam Demo Cloud Cam Demo Cloud Cam Demo Cloud Cam Demo

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Transform your phone into an advanced remote controlled wireless IP camera with features including scheduled silent camera picture snapshot/video recording and upload JPEG/MP4 content to the Cloud (email,picasa,Dropbox,FTP for remote viewing) or save to SD card, stream real time camera video/audio from the device camera over WiFi/3G networks to a remote PC,Mac or Linux server anywhere in the world, G-Sensor/Picture Motion Detection and automatic activation of camera snapshot or Video/Audio recording. Power supply monitor automatically emails on power loss/gain and the ability to control the CloudCam application features remotely from anywhere in the world, and lots more!
Please note the demo application will ONLY run for a maximum time of 59 minutes.
The main application features are covered below.
1. Operates as a smart IP camera. The application supports capturing silent camera pictures/recordings without anyone knowing!
2. Utilize your phone as a Skype portable webcam. MJPEG stream supported by most video chat services.
3. Real time video/audio streaming over WiFi and 3G networks. Either connect to the device over WiFi and use VLC to view content or use the free streaming server (included as a download from CloudCam) to stream real time camera video from the device over 3G. No third party included!
4. Capture scheduled camera images/recordings and upload to the Cloud or save to SD card. Configure application to capture and send camera images to email, Picasa, Dropbox, or FTP.
5. G-Sensor/Picture motion detection. Automatically activate camera snapshot mode,video streaming mode or video/audio recording.
6. Scheduler supports multiple timers to control CloudCam features.
7. Notify using email when the battery status on the device changes. If the device is plugged into the mains, the device can detect a power failure from the mains and automatically email to notify.
8. Secure remote control from anywhere in the world. The application can be controlled remotely using email to switch ON/OFF CloudCam features and change camera settings (i.e. zoom, turn camera flash light ON/OFF, adjust picture quality,switch ON Snapshot/Video mode and many more).
9. Advanced performance settings to cater for long surveillance operations and limited power.
10. Switch CloudCam into sleep mode to save battery power and reactivate remotely or through configured timers.
11. Free streaming server supports automatic presentation of real time streaming video content from the handset to waiting streaming players like VLC. Multiple streaming servers can run in parallel on a PC,Mac or Linux server servicing multiple CloudCam devices allowing multiple CloudCam devices can be viewed from a single source.
12. View MJPEG content from the camera over WiFi/3G networks using the free Android MJPEG viewer CamBuddy.
Provides a range of features to service a variety of tasks in everyday life like security IP camera, home/car/bike/workshop/lockup/office/baby/elderly person/pet/hydroponic/fish tank/wildlife monitor, or surveillance.
Any questions then please drop an email to droidcloudcam@gmail.com.
Thank you
将您的手机变成一个先进的远程控制,无线IP摄像头的功能,包括预定的沉默摄像机图像快照/视频录制和上传JPEG / MP4的内容到云(电子邮件时,Picasa,Dropbox的,FTP远程查看)或保存到SD卡,流实时摄像头的视频/从设备摄像头通过WiFi / 3G网络的音频到远程PC,Mac或Linux服务器在世界任何地方,重力感应/图片运动检测和摄像头的快照或视频/音频记录自动激活。电源监控器自动接通电源损耗/增益,并从任何地方远程控制世界上CloudCam应用程序功能的能力,以及更多的电子邮件!
2.利用手机作为便携式Skype的网络摄像头。 MJPEG流大多数视频聊天服务的支持。
5.了G-Sensor /图片运动检测。自动启动摄像头拍照模式下,视频流模式或视频/音频录制。
8.从固定在世界任何地方远程控制。应用程序可以远程使用电子邮件进行开关ON / OFF CloudCam功能和更改相机设置进行控制(即变焦,关闭相机闪光灯开/关,调节图像质量,开关ON快照/视频模式等等)。
从相机通过WiFi / 3G网络采用免费的Andr​​oid MJPEG观众CamBuddy 12.查看MJPEG内容。

Cloud Cam Demo 更新内容

1) New feature to stream device microphone to remote server.
2) Extend image rotation configuration to reflect the camera preview screen. Required for nexus 5.
3) Remove invalid characters from filenames used with Dropbox and SD card.
4) Update help links.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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