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uText Encrypted SMS

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uText Encrypted SMS uText Encrypted SMS uText Encrypted SMS uText Encrypted SMS uText Encrypted SMS uText Encrypted SMS

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SMS text encryption messenger; we don't intercept your messages with our servers
uText for Android 3.0 and below is a Military Grade True SMS Text Encryption Messenger with QuickTxt, Signature, SIMSwap,and Quiettime Schedule. Large 24 point font settings make text messages easy to read. uText is ideal for the visually impaired. Volume Discounts available to Organizations.
(NOTE: Manually Update Only. You must remove installation before updating if you have it installed and have exchanged encryption keys.)
uText is a real SMS text encryption program that works in concert with the existing messaging client. uText uses ‘Diffie-Hellman key exchange’ to establish a secret key which we use to encrypt the text message. Encryption is 256 bit AES. Each communicating user must have uText installed to receive and accept a key exchange to send and receive encrypted text messages to each other.
Ideal for the optically challenged; uText font settings can display 24 point fonts for all text messages.
uText is offered as a 90 day free trial then sold on a one time purchase basis on sale for $4.95, please see www.shop.uwho.net for details.
Additional features include
1) Preset / quick messages - an editable list of commonly used text messages
2) Scheduled texts - ability to setup text messages to be sent at a later date once or multiple times
3) Signature - add a signature to your text message either automatically or manually
4) SIM Swap - if your phone is lost or stolen and the SIM is changed a text can be sent to a predetermined phone number with the newPhone number so you can contact them and ask for you phone back. (install uFindme Pro by uWho to locate your phone by GPS)
5) Notification - Miss a text no longer with notification by 1, 2, 5, 10 minute reminder or keep reminding until read. Under Notifications in Settings you can also select ringtone and vibrate for SMS text message arrivals.
6) Quiet Time - Schedule when you want to not hear text messages arrive like when your sleeping (night mode) or in a serious meeting. Set your start and end times for the phone under Settings - Notifications
Customization is available. Contact sales@uwho.net
or 1-866-593-3888 to discuss how we can add your LOGO to our countless mobile applications to make it yours.
Created by uWho®
A Software Development Partner To Bring Your Digital Visions To Life.

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此版本中的新功能:Screen changes, improved white background option and settings and functionality

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Android 2.0 以上

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