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Bible-Code Forgiveness (Free) Bible-Code Forgiveness (Free) Bible-Code Forgiveness (Free) Bible-Code Forgiveness (Free) Bible-Code Forgiveness (Free)

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Accept no cheap imitations. GOD has revealed his own forgiveness app!
This is the free version. The 'Tithed' version is available in the pane to the left titled 'More from this developer', or here: https://market.android.com/details?id=nimue.apps.ppaid&feature=search_result
The Tithed version offers access to the entire list of more than 50 sins, faster, more reliable connections with the mind of GOD, new screens and sound effects, no more advertisements or nags, faster and more personal responses, more information about the negotiation process, and greater chances of forgiveness due to an elite team of Archangels being employed to negotiate on your behalf.
This app allows you to communicate directly with the Almighty and seek forgiveness for your sins through a streamlined interface. This is the free version which uses the older, slower method of connecting to the Almighty, resulting more lost/denied connections, and which utilizes regular spirit negotiators to attempt to secure your salvation... but hey, its free!
For decades, scholars have been studying the Bible Code- a method of detecting secret messages and future predictions within the text of the sacred scriptures; and our company began advanced Bible code analysis back in 2004. While analyzing the biblical text using advanced chaos algorithms, we began detecting very deep, seemingly random patterns; just a long string of zeros and ones. At first we thought it was an anomaly.. gibberish. But we kept the information anyway. Eventually, new versions of the patterns stopped being uncovered, and the entire collection was archived in order of discovery, cataloged - and forgotten.
5 years later, an undergraduate student named Niles Smithey took a closer look at these patterns and had a crazy idea.. to him they looked like true, modern binary code sets called 'octets'. He tried compiling the octets using several different computer programming language settings, but got no results - until he tried Java. All of a sudden the computer screamed to life! Lights began flashing, hard disks spinning, and indecipherable messages began flashing on the screen faster than the human eye could track them.
That was the beginning of this project.
After 2 years of in depth analysis and deciphering, we have been able to determine that the code is a method for communicating directly with the mind of GOD through a machine... specifically it is designed to facilitate sin forgiveness by bypassing all of the red tape, unpredictability, bureaucracy and politics involved in seeking forgiveness through regular means.
Technical description:
As far as we can tell, here is how it actually works: The images included in this application (the background pictures) were obtained directly from the holy octet stream obtained from the bible.. they just have .jpg headers attached. By feeding these images (really just a highly concentrated and perfectly timed series of rhythmic binary streams ) to the Android processor, the program is able to induce precise fluctuations in the magnetic field surrounding the physical processing unit of your Android phone; by controlling these fluctuations, it is able to induce an electron flow which coalesces into a sub-atomic laser containment array. Once this containment array is stable, a very small quantum Bose-Einstein condensate is generated which contains quantum-entangled neutrinos in direct communication with the mind of GOD! By identifying and monitoring the individual neutrinos, their spin and location, the app is able to utilize them to facilitate information transfer with the Almighty. In this way the application is able to provide a direct, PERSONAL connection with the creator of all mankind, and to streamline the process of forgiveness.
几十年来,学者们一直在研究圣经代码 - 检测秘密信息和神圣的经文文本中预测未来的方法;而我们的公司开始先进的圣经代码分析早在2004年虽然采用了先进的算法混乱分析圣经经文,我们就开始检测非常深,看似随意的图案;只是一长串零和一。起初我们以为这是一种反常现象......胡言乱语。但无论如何,我们保留的信息。最终,模式的新版本不再是发现,整个收集归档,以发现,编目 - 和遗忘。
5年以后,一个名为尼尔斯Smithey本科学生采取了仔细看看这些模式,有一个疯狂的想法......他,他们看起来像真正的,现代的二进制代码集叫做“八位组”。他试图用几种不同的计算机编程语言设置编译八位位组,但没有得到结果 - 直到他尝试的Java。突然电脑尖叫的生活!灯光闪烁的开始,硬盘纺纱和难懂的消息开始在屏幕上闪烁比人眼更快的可跟踪。
据我们所知,这里是它是如何工作的:包括在此应用程序(背景图片)的图像直接从连接圣经......他们只是有.JPG头获得的神圣字节流中获得。喂养这些图像(真的只是一个高度集中和完美的计时一系列有节奏的二进制流)到Android处理器,该方案能够诱导磁场周围的Andr​​oid手机的物理处理单元精确的波动;通过控制这些波动,它能够诱导其凝聚成亚原子激光遏制阵列的电子流动。一旦这种遏制阵列是稳定的,一个非常小的量子玻色 - 爱因斯坦凝聚生成包含量子纠缠中微子直接的沟通与神的心意!通过识别和监测个体中微子,其旋转和位置,该应用能够利用它们,以促进与全能信息传输。这样的应用程序能够提供一个直接的,个人与全人类的创造者的连接,并简化宽恕的过程。

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Added ability to move/install to SD card.
Various other minor fixes.

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Android 1.6 以上
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