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Rhyme Reverse Dictionary

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Rhyme Reverse Dictionary Rhyme Reverse Dictionary Rhyme Reverse Dictionary Rhyme Reverse Dictionary

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Are you A poet, A writer or A Rap star? Lets find out! This is a straight up words only rhyme app where the spellings have to be the same. If you are looking for phonic rhymes (words that sound the same) then search the market for my other app "Phonic Rhymes". The only Rhyming Dictionary with word definitions in the Market! Get the Pro version without ads and also text to speech function! Ever get stuck on trying to find words that rhyme for your sentences? or maybe your are writing a poem or rap song and have difficulties finding that one word that will make everything come together? Well the Reversed Dictionary will be able to solve your problem. The Reversed Dictionary app allows the user to look up words arranged in the reversed order. Searching for "nation" will return words ending in "nation" such as "Alternation", "Cognation", "Vaccination" etc. The Revered Dictionary app can be used as a regular dictionary too! The dictionary contains over 110,000 words in the English language with parts of speech and definition . So are you a poet, a writer or a rap star? Lets find out!

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