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iBOOD Daily Deals

iBOOD Daily Deals

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iBOOD Daily Deals iBOOD Daily Deals iBOOD Daily Deals iBOOD Daily Deals iBOOD Daily Deals

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See, buy and share the best daily deals from iBOOD on your mobile
iBOOD.com offers the best daily deals in consumer electronics, beauty and gadgets. Every day an A-brand product with discounts up to 90%. Check out the daily deal, buy it on your mobile or share deals with your friends the easy way. Download the free app and you will never have to miss out on any deal anymore. To order the deal and pay (safe) via mobile, is just a matter of a few clicks. The deal is always in the palm of your hand.
5 reason to download the iBOOD app now:
- every day 1 offer with an A-brand product
- de fastest way to access each deal
- easy and 100% safe ordering and payment, where ever you are
- instant sharing of deals with your friends
- always ready for the iBOOD Hunt*
* The Hunt is a frequent event from iBOOD. During the Hunt hundreds of super deals are being offered one after the other at high speed. A true bargain hunt.
iBOOD.com is winner of the Website of the Year award and Europe’s leader in daily deals with consumer electronics products.

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