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No More Mosquitoes

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No More Mosquitoes No More Mosquitoes No More Mosquitoes No More Mosquitoes No More Mosquitoes No More Mosquitoes

No More Mosquitoes 描述

Keep mosquitoes away! This app plays an ultrasound (that can't be heard by the human ear) that simulates the sexual recall of the male mosquito, causing repulsion to the already fertilized female mosquitoes, the only which are able to bite.
• Social Reports
Take advantage of the power of the user community allied against mosquitoes! It's possible to report and share the presence of mosquitoes in your position, and also view on a map the users feedbacks and anticipate the moves of mosquitoes, avoiding them!
A special LED will light up when mosquitoes have been reported in your area.
• High Resolution Graphic
The graphic is optimized for all the Android devices. It looks real and engaging, both to see and to keep as utility on your phone.
• Green and Non-toxic!
Keep mosquitoes away naturally, avoiding to breathe toxic gas and without environment pollution.
• Free!
You don't have to spend money thank's to the Ad support!
• Tips
Turn up the volume to the highest level for a more effective sound.
Q.: Is the application working when I read ON or OFF on the button?
A.: The application is not working when you can read the red word "OFF" on the button and it's working when you can read the green word "ON" on the button.
Q.: Why i'm hearing an hiss? / Why I don't hear nothing?
A.: The app plays an high frequency sound. Some people under 30 years old can hear the sound, while over a certain age (variable from person to person) the ear lose the ability to hear high frequency sounds.
Q.: Mosquitoes don't have ears, how do they hear sounds??
A.: Insects don't have ears, but on feelers, that are the mosquitoes aural organs, there are about 15.000 sensorial receptors, structured so to create an "active ear" in which natural vibrations are generated so to amplify the incoming sounds. [Source: Le Scienze on-line]
Q.: Are you telling me that the phone loudspeaker can play ultrasounds?
A.: Actually the frequency used in NoMoreMosquitoes is slightly under the ultrasounds threshold frequency. But it's very close to the limit that can be heard by the human ear (20 kHz), so for the sake of simplicity we called it "ultrasound", because a lot of people can't hear it.
问:为什么我听到的嘘声? /为什么我没有听到什么?
答:昆虫不有耳,但对触角,这是蚊子的听觉器官,还有约15.000感官受体,结构,以便创建一个“积极的耳朵”,在这种自然产生振动放大传入的声音。 [来源:乐Scienze上线]

No More Mosquitoes 更新内容

New 3D maps;
It's possible to report the presence of mosquitoes in the position where you are. You can view yours and all users reports on a geo-located map;
A red LED will light up on the map button when No More Mosquitoes will detect reports of mosquitoes in your area;
In-App update to keep No More Mosquitoes running in background and remove the advertise.

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