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BTC Push Monitor

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BTC Push Monitor BTC Push Monitor BTC Push Monitor BTC Push Monitor BTC Push Monitor BTC Push Monitor

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Sleep well at night, knowing you'll be notified immediately when the rally begins :)
BTC Push Monitor alerts you whenever the Bitcoin index reaches a value of your choosing. Index values can be taken from MtGox or TradeHill, -your choice. The application uses Android's push technology called Cloud 2 Device Messaging (C2DM), by Google. While other Bitcoin ticker apps exist, they currently all rely on polling, which can be a drain on your battery.
By entering a High and a Low index value, you specify at which level you wish to be notified. High must be higher than the current BTC index, and Low must be lower. When the index reaches either your high or your low threshold, your android device will be notified by the Android push API. A notification message will be displayed in your status bar immediately. The application never runs in the background, and no polling is performed.
When the Bitcoin index reaches your specified value, you will be notified instantly, currently between 2 and 60 seconds after the actual index value change. In the future, we will attempt to make this delay even smaller.
If you believe something isn't working, or if you have any feature requests, please email me at skjervold@gmail.com, and I'll get right on it. Thanks!

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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