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CacheSense Demo

CacheSense Demo

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CacheSense Demo CacheSense Demo CacheSense Demo CacheSense Demo CacheSense Demo CacheSense Demo

CacheSense Demo 描述

CacheSense - fully functional 30-day demo version.
CacheSense is a powerful geocaching app built on the official Geocaching Live API.
Featuring an attractive and intuitive user interface based on the latest Android design guidelines, CacheSense offers an unparalleled feature set to meet the needs of all types of player from the casual weekend cacher right up to the hardcore lifestyler.
Full-featured mapping includes multiple map sources (Google, OSM and others including custom map sources), automatic caching of downloaded map tiles, support for offline vector and tile maps (MOBAC, Mapsforge, Locus etc) and the ability to generate offline maps directly from the map view. The map screen provides all the layers, filters and tools a geocacher needs for serious planning and navigation.
Built-in geocaching compass and radar and support for Google navigation and other 3rd-party navigation tools make finding caches a breeze while powerful offline support and publishing features give you complete control of your workflow in even the most demanding environments.
Full support for Pocket Queries and GPX import/export, including automated background Pocket Query sync plus a free desktop companion tool for instant loading of the largest GPX files (with support for many GSAK attributes) combine with powerful Dropbox integration, multiple database and multiple device support to make managing your geocaching data a pleasure.
Other features include munzee support, social networking, email monitoring for new cache notifications, powerful trackable functions (including auto visiting), bookmark lists, favorites list and custom waypoints.
CacheSense is under constant development and has strong support from an active and friendly user community.
Please Note: CacheSense works best with Premium Geocaching.com membership, Basic Members are subject to Geocaching Live API limits including 3 “full detail” cache downloads per day and restrictions on cache types and searching.
CacheSense - 全功能30天试用版本。
全功能映射包括多个地图(谷歌,OSM和其他的,包括自定义地图来源),自动下载的地图瓦片缓存,支持脱机载体和瓦图(MOBAC Mapsforge,心理等),并能够直接生成离线地图从地图上看。地图画面提供的所有层,过滤器和工具一个geocacher需要进行认真的规划和导航。

CacheSense Demo 更新内容

1. New features and bug fixes, full details can be found at http://goo.gl/6ZGCt5

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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