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ANZ goMoney New Zealand ANZ goMoney New Zealand ANZ goMoney New Zealand ANZ goMoney New Zealand ANZ goMoney New Zealand ANZ goMoney New Zealand

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• Securely access your ANZ accounts with a four-digit PIN
• View balances without logging in using Quick Balance, the ANZ goMoney Widget, or Android Wear smartwatch
• View personal and business accounts as one list (including Bonus Bonds)
• View your KiwiSaver account details including transaction history and performance breakdown
• View account statements and documents in PDF format (up to 7 years)
• Turn off paper statements and set up credit card statement alerts
• Transfer money between accounts (including Foreign Currency Accounts and to any one of ANZ’s three KiwiSaver schemes)
• Make payments to a new person, saved payee, registered payee, or IRD
• Create, edit and skip automatic payments
• Send money to anyone with a NZ bank account using their mobile number
• Manage card PIN for personal cards
• ANZ goMoney Wallet – use your eligible phone to make contactless payments. For more information go to: http://comms.anz.co.nz/gomoney/gomoneywallet.html
Your money and personal details are protected because:
• ANZ goMoney is guarded by high-grade encryption and we ensure none of your personal or banking details are stored on your device
• OnlineCode provides a second level of authentication for registration, adding a new device, resetting PIN or Guest Login
• ANZ goMoney locks you out if you repeatedly use the wrong security PIN and will time-out if the app is left running for too long with no activity
• We’ll also cover you for any unauthorised transactions, providing you comply with our Electronic Banking Conditions of Use
Find out more about ANZ goMoney by visiting http://anz.co.nz/gomoney.
To use ANZ goMoney, you need to be an ANZ New Zealand customer, registered for ANZ Internet Banking and be using an Android* device with an operating system of 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or above. goMoney Wallet is currently only available to specific Android phones and model numbers deemed eligible by ANZ.
For further information about the Permissions required for ANZ goMoney or how ANZ uses Google Analytics, please see our Electronic Banking Conditions of Use. For Google's Privacy Policy see below.
*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
ANZ goMoney is provided in New Zealand by ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited (ANZ).
Your ANZ goMoney app (and other apps) can be updated automatically! Just go to: Play Store > Settings > Auto-update apps.
•没有记录查看余额,使用快速平衡,ANZ goMoney窗口小部件,或Android Wear的SmartWatch
•ANZ goMoney钱包 - 用你的资格电话进行非接触式支付。欲了解更多信息,请访问:http://comms.anz.co.nz/gomoney/gomoneywallet.html
•ANZ goMoney由高级加密防护,我们将确保没有任何个人或银行的详细信息存储在设备上
•ANZ goMoney锁定你,如果你多次使用了错误的安全密码,如果应用程序被留下没有活动运行时间过长会超时
了解更多关于ANZ goMoney访问http://anz.co.nz/gomoney。
要使用ANZ goMoney,你需要成为ANZ新西兰的客户,澳新银行网上银行注册并使用Android *设备符合4.1操作系统(Jelly Bean)的以上定。 goMoney钱包是目前只提供给特定的Andr​​oid手机和型号资格认定澳新银行。
有关权限的详细信息需要ANZ goMoney或ANZ如何使用谷歌Analytics(分析),请使用我们电子银行的条件。对于谷歌的隐私政策见下文。
* Android是谷歌公司的商标。
ANZ goMoney是在新西兰由澳新银行新西兰有限公司(ANZ)提供。
您ANZ goMoney的应用程序(和其他应用程序)可以自动更新!只要到:Play商店>设置>自动更新应用。

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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