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Call Scheduler Trial

Call Scheduler Trial

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Call Scheduler Trial Call Scheduler Trial Call Scheduler Trial Call Scheduler Trial

Call Scheduler Trial 描述

Call scheduler lets you make those phone calls you put off when it suits you.
Trial version of the popular Call Scheduler application. Designed to let you make those phone calls you always put off at a time when it suits you, like while you are driving.
Make a call, the device will prompt you to either call now or schedule the call later.
Calls scheduled for later will be made depending on your configured settings - normally when you have a headset or Bluetooth connected.
Calls will only be made when there is no activity on the device.
Call Scheduler will prompt you by voice detailing who is to be called, you can either use voice recognition to respond, swipe actions, or a simple button press. If you don't respond within the configured time limit, your default action will be performed.
You can also schedule calls by a calendar (Calendar called Call Scheduler) For instance, have your secretary place a call into your calendar which syncs to your device. Call Scheduler will take the calls from your calendar and schedule the call for the later date.
Call Scheduler allows you schedule your missed calls for you to return later while you are driving.
This trial version has some limitations. It will only run for a one week period and includes advertising.
The full paid version has an unlimited runtime, and does not include advertising.
Further information and usage information is available on www.mobiledevelopment.co.nz.
The developing manual is available at http://www.mobiledevelopment.co.nz/index.php?q=content/call-scheduler-user-manual
A walk through of the app is available at http://www.mobiledevelopment.co.nz/sites/default/files/Call%20Scheduler%20Walkthrough_2011_05_16.pdf
Check out our other applications:
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What we need the permissions for:
CALL_PHONE - make scheduled phone calls
BLUETOOTH - read your Bluetooth state
READ_PHONE_STATE - check you are not using the phone when we want to call.
PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS - catch your calls to check if you are wanting to schedule them for later.
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - volume control of text to speech
READ_CONTACTS - announce who you are scheduled to call
WAKE_LOCK - turn on your screen for voice recognition
DISABLE_KEYGUARD - unlock your phone so voice recognition works.
READ_CALENDAR - check for scheduled calls your secretary wants you to make
WRITE_CALENDAR - remove the scheduled calls from your calendar
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - required for advertising
INTERNET - required for advertising

Call Scheduler Trial 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:1.21 Fix: Release error

1.20 Fix: Error with market

1.19 Enhancement: Allow specification of specific Bluetooth Device to activate Call Schedules, Allow scheduling of missed calls for people in your contact list only or all calls.

1.18 Fix: Update Drop Dead Date preventing correct start of application.

1.17:Fix: Update Drop Dead Date

1.16 Enhancement: Record and select your call reject voice recognition words

1.15 Fix: Error on context menu in call list

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Call Scheduler Trial 信息

Android 2.0.0 以上

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