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Rugby Heaven RWC 2011

Rugby Heaven RWC 2011

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Rugby Heaven RWC 2011 Rugby Heaven RWC 2011 Rugby Heaven RWC 2011 Rugby Heaven RWC 2011 Rugby Heaven RWC 2011 Rugby Heaven RWC 2011

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For September and October there is only one place to go for the very best, up to the minute, live coverage of the tournament. The Rugby Heaven RWC app from stuff.co.nz gives you access to the latest stories, comments, videos and pictures. The app also gives you access to Rugby Heaven's XV: a mix of some of the world’s foremost rugby writers, journalists with a local focus and legends of the game who really know their stuff.
You can also explore Augmented Reality, a New Zealand first in publishing. Click here to see an exclusive video of Grant Fox with your Rugby Heaven app.
You won't miss a beat; whether you’re in the pub or watching the game from your couch, you can get:
Live game commentary, so you know the play when you can’t be at the game
Photos and video from the games, training and all the action during the week.
Points table so you can see the latest standings
Head to head - how the teams have rated in previous clashes
Game statistics - indulge your inner rugby nerd with stats from this and previous world cups.
And of course you’ll have access to team news, and analysis from the highest authority. Follow the tournament religiously with Rugby Heaven.
The app is available free to download now in Android Market and is free for the entire season giving you full coverage and content for the whole 2011 RWC tournament.

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