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Quick Dice Roller is an app made for the tabletop RPG Geek. It allows to emulate almost all the complex dice rolls required by RPG and board games.
The dice can be added at will and organized in dice bags. Each die is defined by a formula such as 2d6+5 as well as special functions like rak(1d6,4,3) that allow to emulates the most complex game systems. An handy formulas builder simplifies the process, and allow to access to an online help. Check the list of all supported functions here: http://goo.gl/mZkcQS
Thanks to "named values", as well as keep track of games scores, you can define formulas using variable parameters. You can create, for example, the named value "Level" with label "lvl", then use the formula (lvl)d6 to determine the fireball damage. So when your mage level up you don't need to edit the formula: just change the "Level" value!
What you can do with Quick Dice Roller:
★ Roll dice with a touch
★ Organize dice in dice bags
★ Use same formulas you're familiar to (xdy+z)
★ Keep track of scores and use them in formulas
★ Read or listen the roll result in a clear way
★ Check the goodness of the rolls made
★ Apply modifiers on the fly with a touch
★ Sum a roll to the previous automagically or on demand
★ Paste last roll result from the clipboard in another app
★ Keep track of last rolls made
Other features of Quick Dice Roller
○ Simple and intuitive Formulas Builder
○ Many functions to emulate main systems
○ Online help
○ Read aloud the last result
○ Sound notifications
○ Highly customizable
○ Friendly and reliable developer :P
○ Persistence of data among various installations*
○ Import and export dice and dice bags definitions**
Some of currently supported systems
☆ 13th Age
☆ Arcan Myth
☆ Aeon IV
☆ Burning Wheel
☆ Call of Cthulhu
☆ Deadlands
☆ Dungeon World
☆ Dungeons & Dragons (all editions)
☆ Dungeonslayers
☆ Dystopian Wars
☆ Exalted
☆ Feng Shui
☆ HERO System
☆ Legend of the five rings
☆ Lords of Knowledge
☆ Numenera
☆ Pathfinder
☆ Rolemaster
☆ Savage Worlds
☆ Shadowrun
☆ Star Wars
☆ Traveller
☆ World of Darkness
...and many more!
Quick Dice Roller is a free and open source application for Android. Everyone can (and is invited to) contribute to its development in one or more of the following ways:
• Join the official community on Google+ → http://goo.gl/atlhS9
• Become a beta tester for trialling of new features → http://goo.gl/UuJBSO
• Improve translations or add new ones → http://goo.gl/9ySLIO
• Check the source code for bug hunting (or for fun) → http://goo.gl/06fEHI
• Make your friends know about Quick Dice Roller
*The availability of data and preferences backup depends on the device's manufacturer, and is only supported on Android 2.2 or later.
**This feature requires reading and writing to external storage.
骰子可以随意添加和组织骰子袋。每个芯片由一个公式定义,如 2D6 + 5 的,以及像特殊功能的哈伊马角(1d6,4,3)的允许来模拟最复杂的游戏系统。一个方便的公式生成器简化了流程,并允许访问的在线帮助。检查所有支持的功能列表在这里:http://goo.gl/mZkcQS
由于“命名值”,以及跟踪游戏分数,你可以定义使用可变参数的公式。您可以创建,例如,命名值“级别”与标签“拉特”,然后用公式(LVL)D6 的决定火球伤害。所以,当你的法师级别了,你不需要编辑公式:只是改变了“级别”的价值!
★用同样的公式你熟悉的( XDY + Z )
*数据和偏好备份的可用性取决于设备的制造商,并且只支持Android 2.2或更高版本。

Quick Dice Roller 更新内容

- Fixed the "d6+d6" error
- Custom background
- Custom icons
- Speech synthesis
- New function "aeon" to support Aeon IV
- New function "rolemaster" to support Rolemaster
- Improved "pool" function
- Improved online reference
- Fix: Double popup menu spawning
- Minor fix and improvements

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Android 1.6 以上

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