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Orayta Jewish books

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Orayta Jewish books Orayta Jewish books Orayta Jewish books Orayta Jewish books Orayta Jewish books Orayta Jewish books Orayta Jewish books Orayta Jewish books

Orayta Jewish books 描述

* notice for new version: *
if you experience issues try to uninstall the app and then install again.
All the basic books (Seforim) of Judaism in the palm of your hand.
This app enables you to read and learn Torah from any android cellphone. The books include Tanach, Mishna, Gemara, Rambam, and many more.
You may also search for text in the books' contents.
This app is free and le'shem shamaim.
** For people who have problems with downloading the books: **
The best way to download the books is to connect first to a WiFi network.
(some cellular providers block the website where the books are located).
* permissions:
network- used only for downloading and updating books.
access sdcard- this is where the books are installed.
The books include (among others):
* Full Bible with Nikud and Teamim
* Commentaries on the Bible - Rashi, Ramban, Iben Ezra, Seforno etc'
* Mishnah with commentaries
* Full Talmud (Gemara) with commentaries
* Rambam
* Four parts of Shulchan Aruch (including Mishnah Brura)
* Halacha - Tur, Aruch hashulchan, Yalkut yosef, Kitzur shulchan aruch, shulchan aruch Harav
* Mesilat yesharim (path of the just), Hafetz chaim, Shmirat halashon
* Kuzari, Moreh nevuchim, Tanya, Likutei moharan, Derech hashem.
* Kabbalah - The holy Zohar, Da'at tevunot, Book of Creation
这个应用程序是免费的,le'shem shamaim。
网络 - 仅用于下载和更新图书。
*对圣经评 - 拉什,拉姆班,IBEN以斯拉,Seforno等“
*四部分Shulchan Aruch酒店(包括密西拿B​​rura)
*哈拉哈 - 图尔,Aruch酒店hashulchan,亚尔库特优素福,Kitzur shulchan Aruch酒店,shulchan Aruch酒店的Harav
* Mesilat yesharim(正义路),Hafetz哈伊姆,Shmirat halashon
* Kuzari,靠近摩利nevuchim,蔡健雅,Likutei moharan,Derech哈希姆。
*卡巴拉 - 神圣的光明篇,知识tevunot,创造之书

Orayta Jewish books 更新内容

* fixed multiple display issues.
* Note: We're working on a all-new re-written version of Orayta, that should greatly improve the user experience, but will probably also cause many new bugs.
If you'd like to join as a beta tester, please sign up here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.Orayta

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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