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LectureLeaks Lecture Recorder

LectureLeaks Lecture Recorder

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LectureLeaks Lecture Recorder LectureLeaks Lecture Recorder LectureLeaks Lecture Recorder

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LectureLeaks is liberating knowledge - from the Ivory Tower to your brain!

LectureLeaks is a lecture recorder - your personal OpenCourseWare repository. You can now record, save, and upload your college lectures directly from your Android device. You can also browse our library of recordings and learn any time, anywhere. LectureLeaks helps you study, and it helps the world learn. [[Bugs mentioned in the comments are fixed now, and it has HD High Quality audio recording!]]

We believe that higher education should be available to all, for the good of society. Anybody who wants to learn should be able to, so we're trying to develop technology which allows that.

Begin recording by pressing Record during all of your lectures, then upload them to us so we can share them with the rest of the world.

Before sharing any recordings, we encourage you to ask your instructor's permission. We are affirmative for open access education, but we also maintain full compliance with the law (see our website for more details.)

All recordings are released under the Creative-Commons Attribution license, and our server doesn't record any personally identifying information like IP addresses.

LectureLeaks is a 100%% Free and Open Source Project, and uses technology produced by the OpenWatch Project.

Only you can spread knowledge from the privileged few to curious minds everywhere, one lecture at a time.

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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