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This application handles ed2k (edonkey) and magnet links.
If you click on an ed2k or magnet link, while browsing web pages, the link will be transferred, for "processing", to a server of your choice. Emule, MLDonkey and aMule are currently supported, provided you have configured them to activate their web interface. For magnet links, only MLDonkey is tested.
You can also send regular http links by long pressing on the link and choosing "share link". GetEd2k will show as an option for sharing. This is useful for sending .torrent files linked by http protocol to MLDonkey. Note that in some browsers the "share link" option is missing, but you can use the "open link in a new tab" option and then "share page" from the new tab.
This little application was developed on a hot season, and a few beers where needed to fulfill the work. If you want to contribute to pay the beers, you may keep ads enabled and click on them. They will be showed on the bottom of the send screen. Ads can be disabled in the configuration screen.
Please report any problems or suggestions.
eMule help:
You need to have another computer with the eMule application running on it, and with its web interface activated. In order to achieve this, you can go to your eMule, press the "Options" button, and enter the "Web interface" section. Check "Enabled" and fill the administrator password. Take note of the port number.
To test your eMule is properly configured and that it can be reached, you can open your android internet navigator, and try to access it at "http://ip:port" where "ip" is the ip address of the computer running eMule, and "port" is the port of the eMule Web Interface configuration. If everything is OK, a form will ask for your eMule pasword.
Now, you have to configure GetEd2k:
* Server type: eMule
* Server URL: The URL of the eMule web interface (you just tested it)
* Server password: The admin password you have entered in your eMule config.
* Use authentication: Leave unchecked unless you have a web server in the middle.
Now, if you press in a ed2k link in your android web navigator, GetEd2k will open and will send your link to your eMule to start downloading.
Also, the "Open Server" button in GetEd2k will open your emule web interface.
您还可以发送常规http长按链接,选择“共享链接”的链接。 GetEd2k将显示为一个共享的选项。用于发送,这是非常有用的,通过HTTP协议连接到MLDonkey的torrent文件。请注意,在某些浏览器中的“共享链接”选项丢失,但您可以使用“开放式链接在新标签页”选项,然后单击“共享新标签页”。
要测试您的eMule已正确配置,它可以达到,你可以打开你的android因特网浏览器,并尝试访问它在的“http://ip:port”,“IP”是IP地址的计算机上运行的eMule和“端口”是eMule的Web界面配置的端口。如果一切都OK的形式将要求您的eMule pasword。
现在,如果你按在ed2k链接在你的android Web浏览器,GetEd2k将打开,将发送到您的eMule链接开始下载。

GetEd2k 更新内容

v3.1:Fixed a problem with Chrome. Thanks for reporting!
v3.0:Added support for magnet links. Tested only on mldonkey
v2.4:Smaller fonts for tablets.
v2.3:Sendings links to aMule over a not too fast internet connection often failed. Fixed
v2.2:Fixed a crash that made the application useless on android 2.1. Thx Emanuele!
v2.1:Added support for aMule and eMule

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