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Available exclusively to AOPA members, AOPA FlyQ Pocket for Android is the powerful flight planning app every pilot needs. It’s brilliantly easy to use and astonishingly fast.
AOPA FlyQ Pocket is the result of a partnership between AOPA and Seattle Avionics Software. FlyQ Pocket combines the convenience of the AOPA Airports app with aviation weather and flight planning capability. FlyQ Pocket harnesses the legendary AOPA Airports database, putting FBO and aviation business information details only a tap away. Now you can plan a flight on your Android phone or tablet with an auto-router that wind-optimizes your flight to get you there as fast as possible. Victor Airways, GPS Direct routing, Jet Airways—AOPA FlyQ Pocket is ready for it all.
Using AOPA FlyQ is simple because all major functions (Airport and FBO Information, Weather, and Flight Planning) are always just a tap away. FlyQ. Fly Smarter.
This app is verified for touch screen usage only at this time. Slide out keyboards are not currently supported.
AOPA FlyQ for Android may function differently across various devices and Android versions. Ongoing device testing is in progress.
Airport Information
Start AOPA FlyQ and within seconds it finds the nearest airports and displays details about them—without even tapping a button. Want more info about an airport? Tap the airport and all the details you need appears instantly. On the first airport page, you immediately see operational information, runways, navaids, and an embedded satellite map image of the airport. Want to call the local ATIS? Tap the phone number and your phone quickly connects you. Tap the weather tab and see the current temperature and sky conditions, a Nexrad radar image of the area, the nearest METARs and TAFs, winds-aloft, and even an official DUAT weather briefing. All with just one tap. One tap zooms the METARs, TAFs and weather graphics to full screen, large font versions that anyone can read—even in turbulence. Another tap gives you an easy-to-read 7 day forecast. Quickly find the FBO details you need—fuel information, telephone numbers, rental cars, nearby attractions and more.
Weather Information
Want to see what the weather is like at your current location? Tap the Weather tab and AOPA FlyQ instantly locks on to your GPS position and displays temperature, Nexrad images and local METARs and TAFs. Or choose from a large gallery of US and Canadian weather graphics, many of which are animated. Quickly check the weather anywhere on the globe by entering an airport identifier, city name, even a zip code. Of course, AOPA FlyQ keeps track of your recent selections for quick future access and stores graphics and METARs/TAFs on the phone so they’re available even when you’re not connected to the Internet (such as in flight).
Flight Planning
No time to plan a flight? Give us 30 seconds and watch AOPA FlyQ assemble the perfect wind-optimized flight plan between any two US airports. Tell AOPA FlyQ where to depart, where to land, and how to fly there (Victor airways, Jet Airways or GPS Direct) and AOPA FlyQ plots the whole course including all the navaids and intersection—not a simple straight line. It even uses the winds-aloft forecast to give you the ideal altitude for each leg of your trip. To make your life easier, AOPA FlyQ automatically requests an official DUAT weather briefing so you’re good to go. And since filing the flight plan takes one tap it’s easy and quick to fly safely. AOPA FlyQ remembers your recent flights and home airport so you can often plan a flight by picking from a list of recently used airports rather than typing.
Moving Map and Approach Plates
AOPA FlyQ Pocket does not include a moving map or approach plates because it’s designed for pre-flight planning rather than in-flight use.
只提供给AOPA成员,的AOPA FlyQ袖珍的Andr​​oid应用程序,每一个飞行员需要强大的飞行计划。这是出色的,易于使用和惊人的快。
AOPA FlyQ Pocket是AOPA和西雅图航空电子软件之间的伙伴关系的结果。 FlyQ掌上AOPA机场应用程序结合了方便的与航空气象和飞行计划的能力。 FlyQ掌上利用传说中的AOPA机场数据库,把FBO和航空业务信息的只有自来水而去。现在,你可以在你的Andr​​oid手机或平板电脑飞行计划自动路由器,风优化您的航班,让你有尽可能快。维克多航空,GPS直接路由,喷气机航空公司,的AOPA FlyQ口袋准备好这一切。
AOPA FlyQ很简单,因为所有主要功能(机场,FBO信息,天气和飞行计划),是永远只是一个水龙头。 FlyQ。飞更聪明。
AOPA FlyQ为Android可能具有不同的功能,在各种设备和Android版本。正在进行设备的测试工作正在进行中。
启动AOPA FlyQ,并在几秒钟内找到最近的机场和显示器的详细信息,甚至没有点击一个按钮。想了解更多信息有关的机场?点击机场,所有的细节你需要出现的瞬间。机场在第一页,你立刻看到操作的信息,跑道,助航设备,以及一个嵌入式的卫星地图图像的机场。想调用本地ATIS吗?点选电话号码,您的手机快速连接。点击“天气”选项卡,当前的温度和天气条件下,一个新一代天气雷达的雷达图像​​的面积,最近的METARs,TAFS,高空风,甚至是官方DUAT天气简报。只是一个水龙头。一个水龙头放大METARs,TAFS和天气的图形到全屏幕,大字体版本,任何人都可以阅读,即使是在动荡。另一个水龙头为您提供了一个易于阅读7天的天气预报。快速找到你需要的FBO细节燃油信息,电话号码,汽车租赁,酒店附近的景点和更多。
想看到什么天气就像是在您目前的位置吗?点击“天气”选项卡,并,AOPA FlyQ立即锁定您的GPS位置,并显示温度,新一代天气雷达图像和当地METARs和TAFS。或选择一个大画廊,美国和加拿大的天气图形,其中有许多是动画。快速查看天气在地球上的任何地方进入机场标识,城市名称,甚至一个邮政编码。当然,AOPA FlyQ跟踪您最近的将来的快捷访问和存储图形和METARs / TAFS在手机上的选择,所以他们即使是在你没有连接到互联网(如在飞行中)。
没有时间的飞行计划? 30秒,看AOPA FlyQ组合优化风的完美任意两点间美国机场的飞行计划。告诉AOPA FlyQ离开,在那里降落,并如何飞(维克多航空,捷达航空或GPS直接)和的AOPA FlyQ图的整个过程,包括所有的助航设备和路口,而不是简单的直线。它甚至使用高空风预测,让您的理想高度为您的旅行每条腿。为了使您的生活更轻松,AOPA,FlyQ自动请求的官方DUAT,让你去好天气简报。此外,由于提交的飞行计划需要一个水龙头很容易和快速安全飞行。 AOPA FlyQ还记得你最近的航班和国内机场,所以你经常可以采摘从列表中最近使用过的机场,而不是输入一个飞行计划。
,AOPA FlyQ掌上不包括板,因为它的设计飞行前的规划,而不是在飞机上使用移动地图或方法。

AOPA FlyQ Pocket 更新内容

+ Added Browse for airports by State and City
+ Now file flight plans / Wx briefings from either CSC DUATS or DTC DUAT
+ Fixed a bug where Favorites would disappear after a ChartData update
+ Added one-click to rent a car from Enterprise, Alamo, and National
+ Added flight plan reversal feature
+ Other bug fixes

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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