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aWallet Password Manager

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Android Wallet Password Manager
• Securely stores your passwords, credit card information, e-banking credentials, web accounts and other custom data.
• There is a built in Editor for changing or creating new data Categories with custom icons.
• Search within fields.
• Contains no advertisements.
• Supports backup and restore of the encrypted data file to the Android USB device.
• Export of unencrypted data in CSV format to the USB device.
• There is an Auto lock feature that can be preconfigured for a specific period of time.
PRO FEATURES, available via single In-app billing payment:
• Password Generator
• CSV Import
• Unlock with fingerprint (on a compatible device with Android 6)
• All data is encrypted, including Entry names, Category definitions and the data itself. Even the choice of Favorite Category is encrypted.
• Encrypts data using AES and Blowfish algorithms with key sizes of 256, 192 and 128 bits. And also supports Triple DES with key sizes of 168 and 112 bits.
• When the data file is decrypted, up to all combinations of algorithm, key size and cipher mode of operation (CBC, CFB, OFB and ECB) are tried with the Master password to unlock the data file. This was inspired by TrueCrypt and makes brute force attacks longer. The app itself does not store any hint to the actual cipher, key size or cipher mode of operation.
• Uses a randomly generated 'salt' combined with the Master password. Salt helps to protect from off-line dictionary attacks.
• The key to open the data file is created by combining your master password with the 512-bit 'salt'. The result is hashed 1000 times by SHA-256. Repetitive hashing makes a brute force attack more difficult.
• Supports auto destruction of the data file after a predefined number of unsuccessful unlocks have been tried.
• Unlike other similar Android apps aWallet has no internet access permission (forever). The only permissions this app has is to access to the USB device to backup/restore the data file in case you lose your phone. USB device access is also needed to export to CSV file format. Permission is also granted to the Google Play billing service to allow for the optional purchase of the aWallet Pro features.
For more info see http://www.awallet.org/
If you like this App, rate it in the Google Play. If you have any suggestions, just let me know.
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•支持备份和经加密的数据文件到Android USB设备的恢复。
•指​​纹解锁(兼容的设备上使用Android 6)
•不同于其他同类Android应用aWallet没有Internet访问权限(永远)。这个程序有唯一的权限是访问USB设备备份/恢复的情况下,您的手机丢失的数据文件。还需要USB设备接入导出为CSV文件格式。权限也被授予谷歌播放账单服务,以允许可选的购买aWallet Pro的功能。

aWallet Password Manager 更新内容

Backup your data regularly: https://goo.gl/xqjU8p
See http://www.awallet.org/faq on how to move data to a new phone or ask support. Thanks.
• Bug fixes
Previous versions
• Fixed fingerprint unlock for older Samsung devices with Android 6
• Unlock with fingerprint (on a compatible device with Android 6)
• Fixed occasional crashes in Samsung, Asus and OnePlus phones during fingerprint unlock
• New home screen icons
• Support for Android 6.0
• Added new category icons

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Android 4.0 以上
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