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Breathe - Quit Smoking LITE

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Breathe - Quit Smoking LITE Breathe - Quit Smoking LITE Breathe - Quit Smoking LITE Breathe - Quit Smoking LITE Breathe - Quit Smoking LITE Breathe - Quit Smoking LITE

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May 31th is World No Tobacco Day! Celebtrate the day with us
Start your new life today without cigarettes
Become a part of a community of quitters. Watch your daily successes and how your health is constantly improving. Keep a diary to remind you how you felt and what you've experienced during this difficult period.
- See your saved money
- See your saved time and how many cigarretes you have not smoked
- Community - System: Talk to other quitters and help each other
- Customize your app with profile pictures and color themes
- Diary: Share your thoughts and feelings with the community or your diary
- Motivating achievement system: Watch the progress of your achievements
- Achievment Genertator: Build your personal achievment with the intuitive Achievement Generator
- Share achievements : Share your achievements with the community or via SMS or email
- Amazon® Wish List: Import your public Amazon® wishlist.
- EMERGENCY Button: Weak moment? Press the button
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Thank you!
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5月31日是世界无烟日! Celebtrate一天与我们
- 请参阅您省下的钱
- 请参阅您节省时间和你有多少cigarretes不吸烟
- 社区 - 系统:跟其他戒烟,互相帮助
- 与个人资料的图片和颜色主题自定义您的应用程序
- 日记:分享您的想法和感受与社区或你的日记
- 激励成就系统:注意你的成就进度
- Achievment Genertator:用直观的成就发生器建立你的个人achievment
- 分享成就:分享您的成就与社区或通过短信或电子邮件
- Amazon®愿望清单:导入您的公共Amazon®的心愿。
- 紧急按钮:软弱的时候?按下按钮

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May 31th is World no Tobacco Day! Celebtrate with us! All in app items 25% off!
- Android 6.0 Ready
- Vibrant-Color-Design: The app chooses powerfull colors based on your profile picture to layout the app. This looks pretty awesome
- Archive: Have a look at the community archive with ~ 150.000 advices by ~ 50.000 users
- Galery: Upload up to 3 fotos to your personal galery and share this fotos with the community
- Diary: Write a diary and how you feel about your time quitting

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Android 4.0 以上
Google Play

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