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Hazard Perception Driving Test

Hazard Perception Driving Test

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Hazard Perception Driving Test Hazard Perception Driving Test Hazard Perception Driving Test Hazard Perception Driving Test Hazard Perception Driving Test Hazard Perception Driving Test

Hazard Perception Driving Test 描述

Practice the Hazard Perception (HPT) element of your UK Driving Theory Test.
This free hazard perception app allows you to practice your hazard perceptions skills on your phone. It uses special video clips to help you to practice for your HPT whilst helping you to improve your driving skills. This free app includes 6 free practice clips; at the end of the 6 clips you will be given your score allowing you to review how good you are at spotting and responding to developing hazards. The approach used in this app is similar to the DSA hazard perception test, on the (Driving Standards Agency)DSA test you will use a mouse to click, whereas on this app you tap the screen to respond to the hazard.
This is one of a series of HPT apps that are available from eDriving Solutions. Visit our website http://www.edrivingsolutions.com/hptpracticeapp.aspx for further details.
How to use the app
Using the app is simple; when you spot a clue that a hazard may develop simply tap the screen. You will be shown a red flag at the bottom of the screen to show your score has been recorded. If you simply tap randomly the software will know and your score will not be counted.
What is a Developing Hazard?
A hazard is a situation that you need to monitor as it may require you to change speed or position. A car approaching you from a side road would be a developing hazard, as you would need to monitor it to see if it was approaching the junction safely. To score maximum points you need to tap the screen at the earliest point that you could identify this type of hazard. Remember - the situation may change, for example you may see a bike in front of you but this situation would develop further if it was approaching a parked vehicle and needed to overtake.
Who We Are
eDriving Solutions is one of the leading providers of e-based driving software in the UK. We are not simply designers but qualified driving instructors who are regarded as some of the leading experts in the field of Driver Education. You can see an overview of our experience at: http://www.edrivingsolutions.com/aboutus.aspx

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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