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flinc is the free ridesharing app for daily use. You can find drivers and passengers on your way to work, to university and just for fun. If you travel together, you can meet nice people, save money and quickly reach your destination. Register now for free and organize your ridesharing for short distances – whether it is spontaneous or regular, starting from home or from anywhere else. We wish you a pleasant ride with flinc!
This is how we make you happy:
• For your daily rides
flinc helps finding shared rides for your daily routes. On your way to work, to university, to a rock concert or wherever you want to go!
• Directly from door to door
Passengers are picked up at their front door and will be taken to their exact destination. Drivers find more appropriate passengers due to the flinc technology. You can exactly see the pick-up location of your passenger.
• Dynamic negotiation
We take care of you! You just tell us where you want to go and we will automatically inform you about appropriate drivers and passengers on your route – we also suggest a suitable price.
flinc ist easy. This is how it works:
1) Enter a ride offer or ride search: Start, destination, time, done!
2) Relax, flinc will find someone nearby with the same destination.
3) Someone wants to share a ride with you – flinc will immediately send you a message!
4) Confirm and look forward to your flinc ride.
flinc is very easy and free of charge. You can start immediately. Should you have any questions, please contact us. Welcome at flinc!
Information: Our application requires Google Play Services on your Android device.
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flinc是日常使用的免费搭车的应用程序。你可以找到自己的方式驾驶者和乘客的工作,到大学和只是为了好玩。如果您一起旅行,你能满足好人,既省钱又快速地到达目的地。现在免费注册和管理您的搭车很短的距离 - 不管是自发的还是普通,在家中或从其他地方出发。我们希望您有flinc一个愉快的骑!
我们照顾你!你只要告诉我们你想要去的,我们会自动通知你关于你的路线适当的司机和乘客 - 我们还提出一个合适的价格。
flinc IST容易。这是它的工作原理:
3)有人想与你分享一程 - flinc会立即向您发送消息!
标签:flinc |拼车|拼车|顺风车|共乘|通勤|通勤|社会流动网络

flinc - Ridesharing 更新内容

Thanks so much for your feedback on the address input! We now made some changes based on your feedback:
- When offering or searching a new ride, you now have to first enter your point of departure instead of your destination.
We also fundamentally revised the ride view to reduce loading time and to provide you with a better overview.

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5.4.5 (7658)
Android 4.0.3 以上
Google Play

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