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Group Health Mobile Group Health Mobile Group Health Mobile Group Health Mobile Group Health Mobile

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Might be the easiest, fastest way to stay on top of your health
Speedy, accurate, informative, private. Just might be the easiest, fastest way to stay on top of your health. Built from patients’ input, it’s our award-winning member web site in the palm of your hands.
This Group Health app helps you manage your health care: Refill prescriptions, make appointments, see lab results, exchange secure e-mail with your doctors, and get parental access for your children aged 12 and younger. You’ll get most of the secure services available on our Web site. More mobile services are coming.
Group Health is a consumer-governed, nonprofit health system that brings together care, coverage, research, and education to serve its patients and create healthier communities. Group Health has 25 clinics in the Puget Sound region and Spokane in Washington state.
Group Health mobile features are:
If you get care at a Group Health clinic, these features are available here after you register at www.ghc.org. Prescription refills are available to all members, regardless of where they get care.
-- Refill prescriptions
-- Make appointments
-- E-mail your medical team
-- See lab and test results
-- Get parental access to children's online records (12 and younger)
-- Review after-visit summaries
-- Get routine care reminders
-- Check immunization history
-- See your allergies & health conditions
Personalize your settings with your preferred clinic. Map your home and work locations. Choose whether to store your log in on your device.
Enter answers and get suggestions about what to do on common health issues.
Members can call 24/7 for professional medical advice.
See map and directions to our medical facilities.
How quickly can you pick up a prescription or get a lab test?
About Group Health
Group Health is one of the nation’s leading health systems, known for its cooperative origins and innovative solutions for transforming care. Established in 1947, Group Health Cooperative, together with its subsidiaries, provides health coverage to more than 650,000 residents of Washington state.
More than 400,000 plan members receive care from Group Health Physicians, one of the nation’s largest and most honored multispecialty groups, at Group Health Medical Centers locations across the Puget Sound region and Spokane. Group Health advances health in the community through its medical education, charitable foundation, and nationally recognized research institute.

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1.62 Updates
* Resolved E-mail Consulting Nurse Access Issue
* Medical Center & Wait Time content updates

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Android 4.2.x 以上

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