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Gnaural for Android FREE

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Gnaural for Android FREE Gnaural for Android FREE Gnaural for Android FREE Gnaural for Android FREE Gnaural for Android FREE Gnaural for Android FREE

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As of August 1st, 2013, the free version of Gnaural for Android is no longer a feature-disabled demo, it has all the functionality of the pay version, just perhaps not updated as frequently. The decision was made to give it away because the primary goal of Gnaural, throughout my 15 years of developing it and it's precursors, has always been to get everyone meditating. Two years ago, it took some incentive to spend the months required to write from scratch the Android code capable of playing Gnaural presets, because dealing with audio, GUIs, and XML in Java was entirely foreign to how I'd written Gnaural's C code. While charging for it never did exactly compensate in the way I'd hoped, I am thankful it at least got me to undertake the tedious endeavour (which also got me to invent two brand new Voices that then made their way in to Gnaural - Water and Rain!). And I am also dearly thankful for all those who did spend the cost of a cup-of-coffee to help support it. But the kind words are worth even more. From now on, it is hoped that that people who genuinely love Gnaural will voluntarily elect to support it by purchasing the pay version. But of course, that is absolutely voluntary. Enjoy Gnaural!
For more information on Gnaural for Android, see its main page here:
NOTE: Gnaural for Android is a true sound synthesizer, creating and mixing CD quality sound from user-programmed instructions without relying on pre-made sound files. Generating synthesized sound requires a lot of processing power. To avoid audio stuttering, it is recommended that the phone be a recent model. However, there are options to lower the processing load by either lower the sample rate (under Preferences) or turning off extra voices.
截至2013年8月1日,为Android的免费版本Gnaural不再是一个功能残疾演示,它具有所有功能的收费版本,也许只是不经常更新。这一决定是送人,因为,我的整个15年的发展,它的前体的首要目标Gnaural,一直得到大家的沉思。两年前,它采取了一些激励需要从头开始编写Android的代码,能够玩Gnaural预设花费几个月,因为在Java中处理音频,图形用户界面,和XML是完全陌生,我怎么会书面Gnaural的C代码。充电时,它从来没有完全补偿的方式,我希望,我很感谢它至少让我承接了繁琐的努力(也得到了我发明了两个全新的音色,然后作出自己的方式在Gnaural - 水雨!)而且我也深深地感谢所有那些谁花一杯咖啡的成本,以帮助支持。但是客气话更有价值。从现在起,就是希望人们真正爱Gnaural的自愿选择,以支持它通过购买付费版本。但是当然,这绝对是自愿的。享受Gnaural!
注:为Android Gnaural是一个真实的声音合成器,从用户编程的指令,而不依赖预先制作的声音文件创建和混合CD音质。生成合成声音,需要大量的处理能力。为了避免音频口吃,值得推荐,该手机是一个近期的模型。但是,也有降低处理负荷,无论是较低的采样率(根据设定)或关闭额外的声音的选项。

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    Gnaural for Android FREE

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    Gnaural for Android FREE

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    Gnaural for Android FREE

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