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Woot Check - Daily Deals

Woot Check - Daily Deals

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Woot Check - Daily Deals Woot Check - Daily Deals Woot Check - Daily Deals Woot Check - Daily Deals Woot Check - Daily Deals Woot Check - Daily Deals Woot Check - Daily Deals Woot Check - Daily Deals Woot Check - Daily Deals Woot Check - Daily Deals

Woot Check - Daily Deals 描述

Woot is an awesome website, specializing in great new deals every day. They encourage (almost) unfiltered community discussion about that cheap stuff, starting with their own outrageous product descriptions.
Every day there is a new "Today's Woot". It's the best deal Woot has to offer, at the lowest price you'll find anywhere on the Web. And as you may have guessed from its name, it's only available today: until midnight Central time, that is, or until it sells out. At midnight, they replace Today's Woot with tomorrow's Today's Woot and today's Today's Woot will become yesterday's Today's Woot. Get it?
Our easy to use interface makes browsing Woot.com easier than ever. Sites include Woot, Accessories, Wine, Tools, Shirt, Sellout, Kids, Home, Moofi, Sport, and Tech!
Features Include:
- Easy to use material interface
- Search any Woot! Item
- Daily item notifications
* Customizable in preferences
- Woot Plus item notifications
- Woot-Off notifications
* Customizable in preferences
* Checks for new items automatically
- High quality images
* Tap to see more images
* Long press to launch in gallery
- Share items with friends through menu options
- View comments through menu options
- Battery efficient design
- Tablet optimized
- Sold Out Flags
- More features coming soon!
Please email us rather than giving us a 1 star and we can get any issues fixed very quickly.
Need some help or some more info? Check out www.wootcheck.com
Follow us on Twitter @WootCheck
We are a Woot Minion. When you click on the Woot offer, you may be redirected to the partner's (aka advertiser's) site via affiliate cookies. Woot will then pay us a small commission for your purchase. This helps fund future development of Woot Check, so buy lots of stuff (via the app)!
Privacy Policy available at www.wootcheck.com/privacy.html
- 易于使用的材料界面
- 搜索任何活泉!项目
- 每日项目的通知
- 活泉加项目的通知
- 活泉,关闭通知
- 高品质的图像
- 通过菜单选项与朋友分享项目
- 查看评论通过菜单选项
- 电池效率的设计
- 平板电脑进行了优化
- 已售完旗
- 没有广告
- 更多功能即将推出!
跟随我们的Twitter @WootCheck

Woot Check - Daily Deals 更新内容

- Entire app Material theme makeover
- - Should notice the speed improvements!
- Search Functionality has been added! Submit suggestions on what you would like to see with this so we can improve your experience.
- Removed deals.woot. RIP =(
- A ton of fixes
- Flying Monkey?

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Android 3.0.0 以上
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