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Life On The Line (L.O.L.)

Life On The Line (L.O.L.)

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Life On The Line (L.O.L.) 截图

Life On The Line (L.O.L.) Life On The Line (L.O.L.) Life On The Line (L.O.L.) Life On The Line (L.O.L.) Life On The Line (L.O.L.) Life On The Line (L.O.L.) Life On The Line (L.O.L.) Life On The Line (L.O.L.) Life On The Line (L.O.L.) Life On The Line (L.O.L.)

Life On The Line (L.O.L.) 描述

Break out of hell if you can! Remake of the classic buzzer game for android.
The grim reaper has agreed to let you live if you can beat the game, hence, Life On The Line (L.O.L.).
It's a remake of the classic buzzer game which you might have played at a fair.
You start by touching and holding the wire loop and moving it along the line (wire path) from start to finish while avoiding the edges. Fall and you'll have to start again.
Beware, there's also a time limit to each level so you better be quick or the grim reaper won't hesitate to laugh his evil laughter.
Can you finish the levels in the given time? Can you get a 3 star finish on all levels? Better yet, can you beat your friends' best time? Download and find out for yourself! It's FREE!
1. 48 levels
2. adjustable graphics
3. Life on the line is OpenFeint Enabled.
4. 20 achievements
5. individual world ranking for each of the 48 levels
6. minimal ad display for optimal user experience
7. supports most screen resolutions and devices
8. free to download
9. thoroughly tested
Being played on:
1 HTC Evo 4G
2 HTC Desire HD
3 HTC Evo 3D
4 HTC Wildfire S
5 ZTE Racer
6 msm7625
7 Motorola Charm
8 SEMC Xperia X8
9 SEMC Xperia X10 Mini Pro
10 Motorola Defy
11 Samsung Galaxy Pop
12 Samsung Galaxy S
13 Samsung Galaxy S2
14 Nexus S
15 Archos 101 tablet
16 HTC Hero
17 HTC Desire S
18 HTC Sensation 4G
19 HTC Incredible S
20 SEMC Xperia X10
21 Samsung Galaxy Mini
22 LG Optimus X2
23 Asus Transformer 101 tablet
An Irony Studios product
Please note that by downloading this app you would be bound to the license agreement available at www.ironystudios.com

Life On The Line (L.O.L.) 更新内容

Fixed the Application Not Responding (ANR) error crash on slower devices and some performance improvements.

Life On The Line (L.O.L.) 历史版本

Life On The Line (L.O.L.) 使用技巧

Life On The Line (L.O.L.) 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上
Irony Studios

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