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By Kaiser Permanente
Managing your health care just got easier with the latest version of our app. The redesign includes a colorful new interface, tools that make it faster and easier to use, and a dashboard with more detailed health care updates at a glance.
Health plan members can sign into the app using their kp.org user ID and password to access our secure features, including:
• Messages: Email your doctor or Member Services with nonurgent questions, privately and securely.
• Appointments: Schedule, view, and cancel appointments with your doctor’s office and see information about past visits.
• Pharmacy: Refill prescriptions for yourself or another member, check the status of a prescription order, and see a list of all your medications.
• Medical Record: See your health history at your fingertips, including your allergies and immunizations, any ongoing health conditions, and most lab test results.
• Use location finder to pinpoint Kaiser Permanente medical facilities near you or in the city or ZIP code you choose. Narrow your search to include only those facilities offering the services you need, and get directions and phone numbers on the spot.
Don’t have a user ID and password? Visit kp.org online to register for your sign in data (registration is not available via smartphone).
If you’re not a Kaiser Permanente member, visit our website to discover the many advantages available to you: flexible and affordable health plans, electronic medical records, the convenience of an integrated network, and industry-leading online tools that let you take control of your health.
由Kaiser Permanente的
•使用取景器的位置要找准你或你选择的城市或邮政编码附近的Kaiser Permanente医疗设施。缩小搜索范围,只包括那些设施为您提供您所需要的服务,并获得当场方向和电话号码。
如果你不是一个Kaiser Permanente的会员,请访问我们的网站,发现提供给您的诸多优势:灵活的和可负担得起的健康计划,电子病历,集成网络的便利性,以及业界领先的在线工具,让你掌握控制权您的健康。

Kaiser Permanente 更新内容

• Bug Fixes
1. Updated Privacy Policy
2. Mental Health added to Appointments – Northern California
3. Refreshed Flyout Menu
4. Enriched Healthcare Reminders
5. Favorite Facility addition without sign on
6. Capability added for members with unsupported Digital Membership Cards to view their proxys’ supported cards
7. Video Visits regional waiting room announcements
8. Video Visits revised consent screen – Mid-Atlantic States, Colorado
9. Bug fixes and enhancements

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