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MIUI Flag Configer

MIUI Flag Configer

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MIUI Flag Configer MIUI Flag Configer MIUI Flag Configer MIUI Flag Configer MIUI Flag Configer MIUI Flag Configer

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:::: FREE Edition ::::This here is the Free Version of the Miui Flag Configer. There is also a Donate Version in the market! If you like the App and want to support us you can do that with the Donate Version. But don't be afraid there is no difference between both of them. Same Features, Same Updates.:::: Description ::::With the MIUI Flag Configer it is possible to configure your Miui Custom Rom ( only for supported Roms ) before you install the Rom. There are many different options to choose from and you can make the Rom as custom as possible. Therefore, no further tweaks or installations are needed. Moreover, the MIUI Flag Configer is really changeable and can be integrated into nearly every Miui Rom. The Options, the StartScreen, the Manual and even the Standard Rom-Folder can be adjusted in respect to your Rom, because everything can be out-sourced into the Rom. Finally, every supported MIUI Rom can have his own style and options.A big thanks goes to M1cha, who has coded this beautiful App by himself. Graphics and idea came from Einsteinno1.Important!!!! The standard folder for new Roms is /miuiupdater on your SD Card. Please copy your supported Rom into this folder or change the path in the Settings-Menu. You don't have to write /sdcard/ because this is add automatically, only the folder where it is in!!!!:::: Further Links ::::Infos and Supported Roms -> have now an own Landing Page. You will find all information about the App at http://bit.ly/MIUI-ConfigerFeedback and Bugs report-> is really easy and can be placed on our Google Code Page which can be found at http://bit.ly/Configer-GoogleCode:::: Thanks ::::Once again a big thanks goes to M1cha for his coding. We want also to thank the VorkKernel Team for their great work with the Scripts; without you Boys it wouldn't be even possible. Furthermore we want to thank the whole Android-Hilfe, Xda-Developers, Miui-Germany and Handy-Faq community for their gread feedback. Have fun with the App

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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