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MB Notifications for FB (Free)

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MB Notifications for FB (Free) MB Notifications for FB (Free) MB Notifications for FB (Free) MB Notifications for FB (Free) MB Notifications for FB (Free) MB Notifications for FB (Free)

MB Notifications for FB (Free) 描述

NOTE WELL!! The new version of the Facebook API disables several friends-related requests, so features using those in my app (friends lists, requests, birthdays, online and lost friends) DON'T WORK anymore.
Tutorial: http://mikebannion.altervista.org/tutorial.html
Let's face it, when it comes to Android, whether you like the official Facebook application or not it has one major flaw: no notifications! And this is even more true when you don't use any app for Facebook at all but just the browser, and yet want to keep updated. I frankly hate this: why would you have to check for updates yourself when you could get automatically notified whenever a notification from your Facebook account arrives, just as iPhone users do?
I decided to solve this issue for my own convenience, and so this is where this app chimes in: a lightweight and fast application to get notifications from Facebook, what you decide, at the interval you decide and reported as you decide. Nothing else, just as plain and simple as effective! And the service can be started automatically at boot if you want, so once you install it you can forget about it.
This is the free version of the app, and as such is limited to the following features:
* get generic notifications, friend requests, event invitations and private messages in the status bar;
* highest frequency for checking notifications is 20 minutes;
* open notifications in the official Facebook app, if installed, or in the browser;
* manual check of new notifications as well, if you want;
* update your status message.
Buy the paid version to have access to all the exciting features, including:
* get birthdays, pokes, online friends and removed friends notifications as well;
* like/comment/share/reshare/RSVP posts and events associated with notifications directly within the app;
* frequency for checking notifications can be set to as low as 1 minute;
* open notifications in FriendCaster, Seesmic, Facebook Stream for Android or any other app of your choice;
* popup notifications as an alternative to status bar notifications;
* Several different widgets (1x1, 2x1 and 4x1) to control your notifications;
* open external apps directly when getting notifications rather than passing through this app;
* configure a night mode during which the app should sleep with you and do nothing;
* and much more!
Isn't this great? and what's even greater is all these cool features are just a buck away!
Details on all the required permissions are at the end of this page.
IMPORTANT: the app only gets NEW and UNREAD notifications, meaning it won't download, for example, all the notifications you already saw before launching the app or between refreshes.
Icon set realized by Elisa!
Thanks to Matthew for the Gingerbread status bar icons!
Spanish translation realized by Luis López Moreno (lulomo18@gmail.com; www.llmgraphics.com)
Danish translation realized by Ramsus
German translation realized by Carsten Schläger (fsmcas@gmail.com; http://carstiboy.blogsport.eu)
Pull to refresh implemented thanks to this library: https://github.com/johannilsson/android-pulltorefresh
This application is not affiliated with Facebook. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.
* android.permission.INTERNET: to get notifications from Facebook;
* android.permission.VIBRATE: for the optional vibrate functionality in notifications;
* android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: to avoid making unneeded requests if the network is unavailable;
* android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to save pictures associated with notifications in the SD cache (the internal cache alone may be emptied arbitrarily and as such force the app to download the picture again, wasting bandwidth)
注意哦! Facebook的API的新版本禁用几个朋友相关的请求,所以功能使用那些在我的应用程序(朋友列表,请求,生日,在网上和朋友们失去了)不工作了。
   *喜欢/评论/股/转贴/ RSVP的职位,并与直接在应用程序通知相关的事件;
   *一些不同的小部件(1x1的,2X1 4X1和)来控制您的通知;
由路易斯洛佩斯·莫雷诺实现了西班牙语翻译(lulomo18@gmail.com; www.llmgraphics.com)
由卡斯滕·施拉格实现德语翻译(fsmcas@gmail.com; http://carstiboy.blogsport.eu)
此应用程序是不隶属于与Facebook。 Facebook是Facebook,Inc.的注册商标。
  * android.permission.INTERNET对:获得来自Facebook的通知;
  * android.permission.VIBRATE:在通知的可选功能的振动;
  * android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE:为避免不必要的请求,如果网络不可用;
  * android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAG​​E:以保存在SD缓存通知相关图片(单独的内部高速缓存可以任意清空,因此力的应用程序,以重新下载图片,浪费带宽)

MB Notifications for FB (Free) 更新内容

* Moved to new version of the API (which disables all friends related features, blame Facebook for that, nothing we can do about it...);
* Added icon to open the menu, for phones that don't have a button for that;
* Fixed event notifications not working;
* Attempt at fixing problem with notifications not working on Android 4.4.2;
* Fixed a bug in getting notifications;

MB Notifications for FB (Free) 历史版本

  • MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    版本:1.17.0 高速下载
  • MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    版本:1.16.3 高速下载
  • MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    版本:1.15.10 高速下载
  • MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    版本:1.15.7 高速下载
  • MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    版本:1.15.4 高速下载

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聊天社交 其它
Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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