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MyPOD音频管理 MyPOD音频管理 MyPOD音频管理 MyPOD音频管理 MyPOD音频管理 MyPOD音频管理

MyPOD音频管理 描述

This the fully re-built MyPOD it's currently in Beta, so we are still ironing out some kinks (they are coming out by the day) ...
Note: V1 is still available in another slot - see other apps. I am sorry for interrupting your life but change has to occur - V2 is better once you know it ... hands down.
Note: Please uninstall the beta MyPOD app (purple icon) if you install this one as well. You should only use this app or the beta app but not both.
TIPS: Check settings > storage if downloads don't appear to work and allocate space.
Don't complain here - it's useless! - email me bugs at my-pod.org - I am always happy to help.
MyPOD is a media browser - it finds media in Podcasts and Blogs and makes it all available for you to play. MyPOD aims to fill in the gaps by combing powerful feed and web-browsing capabilities, cross-device management and syncing we want to be the best free podcasting app on the market - so let us know how we are doing !!!
Other features:-
* Auto-update and download w. many tunings. Easily stream or download anything.
* Great UI with Side-drawer nav, refine/sort, overflow and bulk operations everywhere.
* Manage all you podcasts on your desktop using the web interface. Sync you feeds across all your devices.
* Great Explore & Discover section with Recommended, iTunes search, YouTube channels, all the top networks scanned regularly.
* Player with history, configurable skip buttons, playlist integrated, show notes.
* Dual player for spicing up that monotonic voice podcast (just play you fave music in the background).
* Web player for normal web pages. Easily manage what you play from the web.
* Use the Android share functionality to share webpages & feeds with MyPOD
* Play Youtube, Vimeo, ... videos in the background without the need to keep the screen on.
* Choose save location globally or per podcast - useful if you listen off the SD card (e.g. in car)
* Works great on tablets (Some more refinements are coming in Beta).
* Lots of import functions and options (OPML, text, sharing).
* Automatic space management.
* Username/password (401) support for paid feeds.
* Auto sorts new/download/listened episodes.
* Smart Playlists, build your own channels. Drag re-order.
* Android widget & notification integration.
* Supports YouTube Feeds, RSS, ATOM.
* MyPOD also has an open catalogue, also iTunes podcast and YouTube channel search.
The UI has been built to handle a lot of feeds - just star your fave podcasts and it auto updates and downloads new episodes for you. Powerful features like filtering, multi-select, drag-and-drop re-ordering, flyin navigation and swipe-to-dismiss, make organisation a breeze. Our introduction and intro help screens will have you up and running in a jiffy. Powerful playlists help sort your content into your own channels so you can just stick them on and go.
android.permission.INTERNET : Basic internet usage (download feeds & files)
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Determine if network is available
android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Determine if wifi is available
android.permission.BATTERY_STATS : Determine if power is connected
android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE : Determine is a call is received so player can be paused automatically during a phone call. Also for generating/checking unlock key info (IMEI number)
android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Start services when phone starts
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Write to SD Card (for podcast file storage)
android.permission.WAKE_LOCK : To keep the internet connection alive while downloading.
android.permission.BLUETOOTH : for bluetooth
If you don't like it - don't use it, there are other podcatchers available on android market such as Beyond Pod, DoggCatcher, PodTrapper, Listen, Hapi Podcast, pocketcasts, pocket cast, one cast, upod, radio, etc. MyPOD is a power user app.
注:V1仍处于另一个插槽可用 - 看其他的应用程序。我很抱歉打扰你的生活,但变化已经发生 - V2是更好的,一旦你知道它...手了。
不要抱怨在这里 - 这是没用的! - 给我发电子邮件的错误在my-pod.org - 我总是乐于帮助。
MyPOD是一个媒体浏览器 - 它发现媒体播客和博客,使这一切提供给你玩。 MyPOD旨在通过梳理强大的饲料和网页浏览功能,跨设备的管理和同步,我们希望成为市场上最好的免费播客应用程序,以填补空白 - 所以让我们知道我们是怎么做的!
其他功能: -
 *选择全球或每播客保存位置 - 有用的,如果你听出了SD卡(如汽车)
 * Android部件及通知的整合。
 * MyPOD也有一个公开目录,同时iTunes的播客和YouTube频道搜索。
在UI已建成处理很多饲料 - 只是明星你最喜欢的播客,并自动更新和下载新的情节给你。强大的功能,如过滤,多选,拖动和拖放重新排序,弗莱导航和轻扫到解雇,使组织变得轻而易举。本厂引进和介绍帮助屏幕将有您,并在瞬间运行。强大的播放列表,帮助解决您的内容到自己的渠道,让你可以坚持他们去。
如果你不喜欢它 - 不要使用它,也有在Android市场,如超越波德,DoggCatcher,PodTrapper,听着,哈皮播客,pocketcasts,口袋里投一投,upod,收音机等其他podcatchers MyPOD是一个超级用户的应用程序。

MyPOD音频管理 更新内容

- Bugfix update for V2
* Stop playlists re-adding items after update
make download folder if it doesn't exist
* Need to fix the terminology in the space settings screen
* Add flag for added to playlist.
* Fix update button on fly out
* No longer it marks the show "FIN" when switch between podcasts
Thanks: Yuri, Rodney, Jonathon
* Exception fixes

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play



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  • user 2010年10月23日

    once a downloading breaked by conneting error, u can never download the same file again even thought u delate all missions or reinstall mypod

  • Arlen 2010年9月3日


  • Steve 2010年7月7日