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Tasks & Notes is a fully featured tasks with GTD, notes and check-list app with
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (Corporate, Office365 and Hotmail) support. Synchronize your items between your tablet, phone and PC with your Exchange server.
Please, do not post questions and negative comments in the reviews and contact us by email instead. We always respond to you in less than a few hours and help you delicately solve any issues including the price of the app.
See FAQ for more information: http://www.uniqtec.eu/applications/notes-with-activesync.html
Fully functional 14-day trial with a one-time price of $4.99 for all your devices
■ Direct push synchronization with Exchange ActiveSync
■ Tasks and Check-Lists
■ Notes (Exchange 2010)
■ Email To-Do list / Flagged mails (Exchange 2010)
■ GTD with drag & drop support
■ HTML body support (Exchange 2007 SP1)
■ AutoDiscover
■ Multiple accounts, folders
■ SSL/TLS and client certificate support
■ Widgets
■ Badge Icon
■ HTML / Rich Edit support with Undo / Redo
■ Google Now integration
■ Select folders to sync, hide and flag emails
■ Android Wear support
■ Print support
■ Send and receive SMS in Outlook or OWA
■ Tasker support
■ Invite people and share tasks
■ Share notes directly into the app (create items from any other app)
■ Password protection
■ Quick new item and voice
■ Multiwindow support
■ DashClock and Pure Calendar widget support
■ Floating icon support
■ Categories with colors and custom SQL filters (Exchange 2010)
■ Custom categories with SQL filters
■ Shortcuts - Quick voice / type and Quick edit
■ Search, 3 level sort, views
■ Backup / Restore settings using Android Backup Manager
■ Export / Import data to XML
■ Beautiful user interface and themes
Tasks & Notes
■ Tasks reminders and notification (also LED) with Dismiss and Snooze actions
■ Tasks recurrence
■ Tasks GTD
■ Calendar integration with GTD (2-way sync)
■ Style your notes with bold, italic and underline
■ BBCode compatible (used for styling so users can easily continue working on their PCs)
■ Links displayed and clickable (might cause FC on some ROMs, turn off the option in such case)
■ Pinch to zoom
■ Displays account name and color
■ Last modification time
■ Smooth and fast scrolling for large notes
■ Font customization (wrap, font size and font name)
■ Tasks properties and groups (group by due and category)
■ Move items between folders
■ Quick Actions (Title, Priority, Due, Completed, Move To Folder)
■ Delete completed tasks
■ Create shopping and to-do lists
■ Can be edited on your PC
■ Sort, reset and order items in your check-list
■ Context menu for extended actions
■ Check and uncheck items
■ Special structured text note
■ Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
■ Version 2.5, 12.0, 12.1, 14.0 and 14.1
■ Direct Push support
■ Setup a new account in Tools - Accounts - Add account
■ For Office 365 use m.outlook.com (Home), outlook.office365.com (Business) and for Hotmail/Outlook.com use m.hotmail.com, also try s.outlook.com
■ Tasks
■ Notes (Exchange 2010)
■ Flagged Emails (Exchange 2007 SP1)
■ Categories (Exchange 2010)
■ Client certificate support
■ Supported servers: MS Exchange 2003-2013, Office 365, Outlook.com, Hotmail, OneNote Outlook, IceWarp, Tine, Kerio, Zimbra, AkrutoSync, Zarafa, Z-Push, Horde and others
See our website for more information and FAQ
任务和放大器;注释是与GTD,笔记和 Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync的(企业,Office365和Hotmail)支持核对清单应用程序一个全功能的任务。与Exchange服务器同步您的平板电脑,手机和PC之间的物品。
全功能14天试用为$ 4.99一次性的价格为您所有的手机
■使用Exchange ActiveSync直推技术同步
■注意事项(Exchange 2010中)
■电子邮件待办事项列表/已标记的邮件(Exchange 2010中)
■HTML体支持(Exchange 2007 SP1中)
■SSL / TLS和客户端证书支持
■HTML / RTF编辑支持,撤销/重做
■Android Wear支持
■颜色和自定义SQL过滤器(Exchange 2010中)分类
■快捷方式 - 快速语音/类型和快速编辑
■任务的属性和组(GROUP BY到期类)
■微软的Exchange ActiveSync
■设置在一个新的工具账户 - 账户 - 账户添加
■对于Office 365使用m.outlook.com(家庭),outlook.office365.com(业务)和Hotmail的/ Outlook.com使用m.hotmail.com,也尽量s.outlook.com
■注意事项(Exchange 2010中)
■已标记的电子邮件(Exchange 2007 SP1中)
■分类(Exchange 2010中)
■支持的服务器:微软的Exchange 2003至2013年,办公365,Outlook.com,Hotmail的,OneNote中的Outlook,爱思华宝,蒂内,安装Kerio,Zimbra公司,AkrutoSync,Zarafa,Z-推,部落和其他

我的便签​​ 更新内容

- New: Pure Calendar widget support (thank you Francois)
- Update: Languages updated
- Update: Recurrence Until controls the new task rescheduling (if until in the past no recurring task is created)
- Update: Better right to left support
- New: Settings - Socket timeout option
- New: Recurrence dialog - Until and occurrences support
- New: Filter variables - %now%
- Update: Local folder name can only exist once per account

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Android 2.3.2 以上



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