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Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls

Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls

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Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls 截图

Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls

Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls 描述

Silence phone call with a single slap!
Handy when your phone rings in the middle of class or a meeting!
* Mute phone with a slap on incoming call
* Silence custom notification sounds with a slap, too! (only works on 4.3 or higher, requires new permissions)
* Previous mode (silent, vibration, sound) is restored after call / notification rang out
* Automatically calibrates the sensitiveness on each incoming call, so that you don't miss calls while you are running, etc. (can be disabled)
* Automatically restarts when the phone is restarted, so you never have to remember to turn it on again after starting the phone
* Silencer stays enabled after update
By installing or upgrading the application, you agree to the following conditions:
This app is part of my personal research on technology & interruptions. The goal is to come up with novel ways of protecting phone users of unwanted phone calls.
To this end, the app will create an anonymous log for each call, including whether the call was accepted, silenced, or ignored, alongside contextual sensor data, such as the hour of the day or the maximum acceleration. The data will be only uploaded via WiFi, it won't drain your data plan budget! The data is intended to improve the application itself and to be used in scientific contexts. To be clear, your privacy is perfectly protected. NO personal information, such as phone numbers, will be stored. By the design of the data module, nobody, including myself, will ever be able to identify you or your call partners.
Please, keep sending me feedback, as this helps me to get the Silencer working like it should in this brief moment when you need it.
*沉默的自定义提示音与一巴掌呢! (仅适用于4.3或更高版本,需要新的权限)

Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls 更新内容

Update UI to make use of new Android OS (5.0) features

Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls 历史版本

Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls 使用技巧

Silencer - Shake to Mute Calls 信息

通讯社交 电话通讯
Android 2.3.2 以上
Martin Pielot

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