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Radare2 for Android

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Radare2 for Android Radare2 for Android Radare2 for Android Radare2 for Android Radare2 for Android Radare2 for Android

Radare2 for Android 描述

☆ Radare2 for Android, the reverser swiss army knife at the palm of your hand ☆

Radare2 is an opensource reverse engineering framework which provides a set of tools to disassemble, debug, analyze, and manipulate binary files: http://radare.org/y/?p=features

Ever wanted to look at the smali code of a suspicious apk, solve a crackme, or disassemble something directly on your phone or tablet? Wait no more! Radare2 for Android is the reverser's swiss army knife at the palm of your hand!

Radare2 for Android is available on arm, mips and x86 architectures. You can choose to install the latest stable version or the nightly build from the development branch.
On rooted phones you can also automatically symlink radare binaries to xbin so it will be available in the default system PATH.
Check menu->settings for other options like automatic updates and external storage install.

Radare2 for Android comes in two flavors: radare2 web & radare2 console

[✔] Radare2 web uses a local webserver on your phone and launches a webview to help you work with your binary file from your phone's browser, you can also enable 'public http server' in the settings menu to analyze the file on your phone from your desktop computer via wifi. Click on the radare2 logo to access the help & example commands.

[✔] Radare2 console launches radare2 in Android Terminal Emulator, ready to analyze the file using the radare2 prompt. Type '?' for a quick list of available commands. Please note that if you want to use Radare2 console, Android Terminal Emulator[1] must be installed on your phone *before* installing Radare2 for Android. We also recommend installing Hackers Keyboard[2] to have the best command line experience.

Happy reversing! :D

[1] Android Terminal Emulator:
[2] Hackers Keyboard:

Radare2 for Android 更新内容


• share files to radare2 to directly open them

• 2 launch modes: radare2 web and radare2 console

• automatically add apk:// to disassemble classes.dex

• option to use external storage (sdcard) during install for devices with low internal storage.

• automatic r2 update notifications

• bind http server to to disassemble on phone, or to wifi ipaddress to use your computer's browser

• lots of other bugfixes

See full ChangeLog on github:


Radare2 for Android 历史版本

Radare2 for Android 使用技巧

Radare2 for Android 信息

Android 1.5.0 以上

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