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Android Photo Backup

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Android Photo Backup Android Photo Backup Android Photo Backup

Android Photo Backup 描述

Backup and View RAW preview images from your DSLR RAW photos on Android device.

Backup, View and create jpg preview images from your DSLR RAW photos on your tablet or phone.

If you have problems, please contact me and I will work with you to try and fix any problems that you are having. Please email me for help and support.

New Feature:

Raw Photo Viewer - View hi-res images on your device.

- Tap main screen image to view full screen

- Tap file in file browser to view

- Fling left/right to change

- Drag to move

- Pinch to zoom

- Auto rotate image using Exif data where available.

- Keyboard shortcuts (tested on Asus Transformer TF101 dock)

-- Zoom in and out with + and - keys. (Actually - and =)

-- Next or Previous with < and > keys. (Actually , and .)

-- Cursor keys to pan round image when zoomed

Note: Large images will be scaled down to approx 3000 x 2000 due to memory constraints.

Backup your DSLR photos using your Android device.

e.g. Using USB host to add a card reader and external hard drive to backup your camera memory card with your tablet/phone. Tested on Asus TF101.

Note: Connecting your camera directly to your device should work if your camera supports a "USB storage" type mode for transfers. PTP/MTP is only available in Honeycomb 3.1.x. PTP/MTP isn't supported by the app at this time.

Tested on

Android 2.3.5 - Device

Andoid 3.2.1 - Device

Andoid 4.0.3 - Emulator

Extract jpeg preview images from raw files for viewing on your device.

Note: Preview image size selectable approx 320 x 240 or 640 x480 in free version.


USB Host is required if you want to copy files from an attatched external card reader or hard drive, but the app can be used to copy files around and extract preview images for files already on the device.

Supported formats (for preview image extraction):

Canon - CRW CR2 full raw files, sRaw not tested (but reported to work).

Pentax- PEF

Olympus - ORF

Nikon - NEF

Panasonic - RW2

Sony - ARW

Panasonic - RAW Some newer cameras produce these files with an embedded jpg.

Minolta - MRW

Not Supported:

DNG - partial support:

* Pentax generated DNGs, can extract embedded jpg.

* Leica M9 - No support, no embedded jpg to preview.

* Others - Unknown. Please try and let me know how you get on.

RAW - old Panasonic raw files, no embedded jpg to preview.

TIF - No plans to support.

If you have raw photo files that can't be processed, email me a couple and I will try to add support for them in the app.


Brian for the test files and help testing the exif data.

Neil for the test images, nice sky and clouds.


Generate preview images sizes can now be 320 x 240 or 640 X 480.

Backup mode can be configured to do one of three things

1. Backup files

2. Backup files and extract previews.

3. Just Extract previews.

Note: The "Backup" button and description will change to match the selected mode.

Getting started:


Use the "Config" button to configure the source and destination folders for your backup.

"Backup" will then copy all the files from the source folder and sub folders to the destination folder.


These folders need to be under "/mnt", "/sdcard" "/removable" or start with "/usb" before you are allowed to perform a backup.

The status information will help you with your folder selection.


Enable the preview option to create a small jpeg preview of each photo during the copy.

The preview images can be viewed with your favourite image viewer and are added to the gallery.

File Browser:

Tap folders to enter them.

Tap parent directory or the back button to come back out.

Press and hold for a context menu to select folder.

Keep pressing the back button to exit without making a selection.

Tap image file to view.

Image Preview:

Photos in the source folder are displayed on the main screen. The main photo can be changed by dragging the gallery control (looks a bit like a film strip) or by swiping left/right. Tap image to view full screen.

Raw Photo Viewer:

Fling left/right to change (or <> keys)

Drag to move (cursor keys)

Pinch to zoom (+- keys)

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Mars Software

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