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Did You Know (DYK)

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Did You Know (DYK) Did You Know (DYK) Did You Know (DYK) Did You Know (DYK) Did You Know (DYK) Did You Know (DYK)

Did You Know (DYK) 描述

A did you know is a VERIFIED information that enables you to be smarter
A did-you-know or le saviez-vous is a piece of information that makes you rise an eyebrow, improve your own culture and appear smart within people.
Unlike many "useless facts" or 'fun facts" applications, hese small facts are all VERIFIED : nothing is false.
Some useless facts you'll find :
- Qwerty keyboards were created to slow down the typing (and to split apart the letters often used consecutively).
- There’s only one death in “Rambo: First Blood”.
- The Bayeux Tapestry is not a tapestry (and was not made in Bayeux).
- In Switzerland, having only one guinea-pig is against the law.
For each information, you'll be able to read more with detailed informations and links to website that will enable you even more!
Reviews :
"Small Facts & Useful Information Enables You Knowledgeable" – AppEggs.com
"Did you know provides some more stories, funny/clever/verified anecdotes" – appgratuites.com
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