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FRED Economic Data

FRED Economic Data

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FRED Economic Data FRED Economic Data FRED Economic Data FRED Economic Data FRED Economic Data FRED Economic Data

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Take the economy with you wherever you go. The FRED app gets you the economic data you need — anytime, anywhere. Enjoy full access to over 40,000 economic data series from 37 regional, national and international sources. The graphs and supporting data are housed on the St. Louis Fed’s signature database — FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Database). The FRED app is perfect for students, financial market professionals, academics and anyone else interested in economic data.

What you can do with this app:
• browse for data by category, release, source and popularity or search by keywords or series ID;
• view and create custom graphs;
• store your favorite data series for quick and easy access;
• share your favorite data series or graphs via e-mail or post them directly to your Twitter or Facebook account;
• and receive the latest news on new data series, updates, and St. Louis Fed economic research.

The app is free to download.
If you encounter problems or have suggestions for improving our app, please contact us at webmaster@research.stlouisfed.org.

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Improve graph appearance on smaller screen devices.

Fix corrupted app upload.

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Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis

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