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Subway and Metro Guide

Subway and Metro Guide

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Subway and Metro Guide Subway and Metro Guide Subway and Metro Guide Subway and Metro Guide Subway and Metro Guide Subway and Metro Guide

Subway and Metro Guide 描述

Subway World: your guide to subways, metros and light rail transit (LRT) all over the world. An easy to use trip planner with a clear focus: find your way around most of the world´s subway networks as effortlessly as a local.

✔ covers routes in 100+ cities on all continents

✔ clearly indicates non-regular services (24-hours, weekends, etc.)

✔ uses GPS to fix your search location

✔ provides links to maps and location-based information, such as interesting routes, photos, historical and statistical information.

*** Features ***

Clean, focused and user-friendly interface. What you see is what you need.

Plan your trip to - and from - subway stations, places of interest and landmarks.

Covers subway systems in major cities on all continents, for example New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Bucharest, Moscow, Tokyo and Cairo.

New cities are added on a regular basis.

All information is stored in the online subwayworld database and new cities and content are immediately available to your app.

Clearly indicates non-regular services like 24-hour services and partial services (weekend-only, for example).

Include, or exclude, non-regular services to find alternative routes.

Use your location to plan your trip: with GPS enabled, the app locates and loads your city within seconds, there is no need to select it.

Extra information at your fingertips - all cities have subway-related links to:

- route maps

- Wikipedia

- the transport operator's website

- other background information, such as picturesque routes and places of interest

*** Cities ***

Canada, America and Latin-America:

Atlanta: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Baltimore: Metro Subway

Belo Horizonte: Metrô de Belo Horizonte

Buenos Aires: El Subte de Buenos Aires

Buffalo: Metro Rail

Caracas: Metro de Caracas

Chicago: CTA - Chicago Transit Authority

Cleveland: Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority

Detroit: Detroi people mover


Las Vegas

Lima: Metro de Lima

Los Angelos

Mexico City: Metro de la Ciudad de Mexico

Miami: Miami Metrorail


New York: New York City Subway

Porto Alegre

Recife: Metro do Recife

San Francisco: BART, Muni Metro and Castro Shuttle

Santiago: Metro de Santiago

Santo Domingo: El Metro de Santo Domingo

Sao Paulo

Toronto: Subway and Rapid Transport


Washington: Washington Metro / Metrorail

The Middle East, Asia and Australia:

Adana: Metro Adana

Ankara: Ankara Metrosu

Baku: Metropoliten of Baku

Bangkok: Bangkok Mass Transit System

Beijing: Beijing Subway

Bursa: BursaRay

Busan: Busan Metro

Daegu: Daegu Metropolitan Transit

Delhi: Delhi Metro

Dubai: Dubai Metro

Seoul: Metropolitan Subway

Shanghai: Shanghai Metro: subway and light rail

Tokyo: Tokyo Metro and Toei

Wuhan: Wuhan Metro

Yerevan: Yerevan Metro

Europe and Russia:

Amsterdam: Metro Amsterdam

Athens: Attiko Metro

Barcelona: Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona

Berlin: S-Bahn Berlin, U-Bahn Berlin

Brussels: Brussel Metro

Bucharest: Metrorex Bucuresti

Budapest: Budapesti metró

Catania: Metropolitana di Catania, Circumetnea

Cologne: Stadtbahn Köln

Copenhagen: Kobenshavns Metro

Frankfurt: U-Bahn

Glasgow: SPT Subway

Helsinki: Helsingin metro


Lille: Transpole Lille Metropole

Lisbon: Metropolitano de Lisboa

London: London Tube and DLR (Docklands Light Railway)


Madrid: Metro de Madrid

Milan: Metropolitana di Milano

Minsk: Minski myetrapaliten

Moscow: Moscow Metro

Munich: U-Bahn

Nuremberg: U-Bahn and S-Bahn

Oporto: Metro do Porto

Paris: Métro de Paris

Prague: Metro v Praze

Rome: Metropolitana di Roma

Rotterdam: Metro Rotterdam

Saint Petersburg: Peterboergski metropoliten

Sofia: Sofiysko metro

Stockholm: Stockholms tunnelbana

Vienna: U-Bahn Wien

Warsaw: Metro warszawskie

Wuppertal: Wuppertal Schwebebahn (Floating tram)


Cairo: Cairo Metro


Sydney: Mono Rail and Light Rail

*** About permissions ***

Full internet access: to access online subwayworld database and to display ads.

GPS location: to locate and load your current city.

Subway and Metro Guide 更新内容


Version 4.1:

- Improve layout of city list for tablets.

Version 4.0:

- Option to select hometown.

- Option to start in hometown.

Version 3.0:

- Easier to find landmarks and Points of Interest:

a new page shows all available landmarks in a city.

- Dialogue box to enable location settings.

- Setting to request location and find nearest station when app starts.

- Home button to return to start screen with one click.

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Android 1.6.0 以上
Belemnite Software

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