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Little Big Keyboard

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Little Big Keyboard Little Big Keyboard Little Big Keyboard Little Big Keyboard Little Big Keyboard Little Big Keyboard Little Big Keyboard

Little Big Keyboard 描述

The Little Big Keyboard is a virtual keyboard (an Android input method, IME) a user can install to replace the built in virtual keyboard.
- Made for small screens (or big finger): big buttons.
- Small screen space occupied. Height is only 3 key-rows.
- A fairly novel input technique: press key as normal for center letter or press and move away from key to select side letters.
- Letter placement optimized for a mix of English and Swedish language input but layout includes most Western Europe letters.
- Non-predictive. You always know what will happen when you press something.
- All letters repeat like a normal physical keyboard.
- You need to practice to learn the placement of letters. Start with single letters and then increase to sequences of letters (words).
- The keyboard is quite experimental and might contain bugs. Use as is! Feel free to report problems (follow website link).
1. Download and install the package from Android market or compile and install yourself (source code is open source).
2. Enable the new input method in "Settings", "Locale & text" (Swedish: "Inställningar", "Nationella inställningar & text").
3. Select the new input method by long pressing on any active input form (pops up a menu where you can select different input methods).

Little Big Keyboard 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:This is the first released version.

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Little Big Keyboard 信息

Android 1.0.0 以上

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