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Contacts Sync for Foursquare

Contacts Sync for Foursquare

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Contacts Sync for Foursquare Contacts Sync for Foursquare Contacts Sync for Foursquare Contacts Sync for Foursquare Contacts Sync for Foursquare Contacts Sync for Foursquare

Contacts Sync for Foursquare 描述

Adds your Foursquare friends into your Contacts address book, and re-syncs them when their details change.
Syncs all of your friends contact information including...
* First and Last Name
* Photo
* Phone Number
* Email Address
* Facebook Account
* Twitter Account
* Home City
* Gender
* Foursquare User ID
* Short Biography Text
To use this application, go to your "Settings" menu and choose the "Accounts and Sync" option. You can then "Add" a new account, and "Contact Sync for Foursquare" should appear in the list.
Some things to note:
1. Some friends may not display all the available contact information. For example, Facebook and Twitter Accounts are optional for Foursquare, so some Foursquare friends may not display these fields if they haven't supplied this information.
2. Some Android devices, such as newer Samsung phones, may not display some of the custom contact fields. such as the Facebook and Twitter Accounts. This information is still stored on your phone, but it just isn't visible. If this affects your phone, you may need to use a different Contacts app to display the missing fields. However, this should not affect standard fields such as Email Address and Phone Number - these should always be displayed if the Foursquare friend has supplied this information.
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* Facebook的帐户
* Twitter的帐户
* Foursquare的用户ID
2。一些Android设备,如较新的三星手机,可能无法显示某些自定义联系人字段。如Facebook和Twitter账户。此信息仍然存储在您的手机上,但它仅仅是不可见的。如果这会影响您的电话,您可能需要使用不同的联系人应用程序,显示失踪的领域。不过,这应该不会影响标准的领域,如电子邮件地址和电话号码 - 如果Foursquare的朋友提供了这一信息这些应始终显示。

Contacts Sync for Foursquare 更新内容

* Much faster to download contact information from the servers
* Ability to choose the photo quality/size for your contacts
* Updated the app name and icon, (including high quality icons)
* Updated the server code to support the latest Foursquare API
* Option to enable labels for Twitter and Facebook fields (eg "Twitter: wattostudios")
* Bug fix for KitKat (showing a white screen instead of the Foursquare login page)
* Bug fix for the many "(no name)" users that appeared after the latest upgrade

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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