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Westpac Mobile Banking

Westpac Mobile Banking

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Westpac Mobile Banking Westpac Mobile Banking Westpac Mobile Banking Westpac Mobile Banking Westpac Mobile Banking Westpac Mobile Banking

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With Westpac Mobile Banking you can take your bank with you wherever you go.
• Quick Balance – view the available balance, recent transactions and Altitude reward points for up to 3 eligible accounts without signing in^
• Sign in with a 4 digit passcode
• Sign in with your fingerprint on compatible Samsung smartphones~ (note: not available on rooted devices)
• Set up account, payment and security alerts
• View and search transactions
• Show/hide or group accounts
• View and transact on shared access accounts
• View and transact on foreign currency accounts
• View and save eStatements.
• Transfer money between accounts, Pay Anyone or BPAY® bills
• Email payment receipts
• Manage payees and BPAY billers
• Send payments overseas (to existing payees)
• Schedule and manage recurring payments
• Approve payments.
Get cash out without your debit card:
• Use Get Cash to withdraw cash from any Westpac ATM in Australia without a debit card (daily and weekly limits apply).
• Temporarily block transactions on your card for up to 15 days. Available on personal credit and MasterCard® debit cards**
• Report your card lost or stolen
• Reset your password with Westpac Protect™ SMS Code
• Update your contact details
• Travelling overseas? Notify us first to help protect you from fraud
• Change your daily payment limit (max. limit applies)
• Change your daily cash withdrawal limit (when linked to a Handycard, subject to account terms)
• Activate a credit or debit card (using your phone’s camera to scan and enter your card details).
Tap and pay:
• Tap and pay using your compatible Samsung smartphone~
• While other Android handsets have NFC functionality, many lack the required security to keep your details safe.
Additional features:
• Open a savings or transaction account
• Apply for a credit card, personal loan or Westpac Global Currency Card
• Tools and calculators (loan borrowing and repayment calculators)
• Order ahead at selected cafés with Hey You#.
Business customers can also:
• Approve payments
• Manage user access
• Pay staff and creditors fast with payment templates
• Transfer funds to corporate and purchasing cards.
Find us in Australia and overseas:
• Locate your nearest Westpac ATM, branch or banker in Australia
• Find a Global ATM Alliance ATM when overseas.
Need Support?
• Help & FAQs: westpac.com.au/mobilebankinghelp
• Supported devices: westpac.com.au/devices
• Contact Us: westpac.com.au/contact-us
• Website: westpac.com.au/mobilebanking
• Facebook: facebook.com/Westpac
• Twitter: twitter.com/Westpac
Things you should know:
*You can send and receive payments to Australian mobile phone numbers and bank accounts only. Terms, Conditions and Limits apply.
** Locking your card will temporarily stop new transactions on your card for 15 days or until reactivated. The card will automatically reactivate after 15 days if you do not cancel the card
^Not available on all accounts. For eligible accounts visit westpac.com.au/quickbalance
~Available on compatible devices with supported operating systems. View the full list at westpac.com.au/devices.
#Hey You is a trademark of Beat the Q Holdings Pty Limited ABN 67 601 969 840.
Some features and functions including fingerprint sign-in may not work on rooted devices.
This app is only available for Westpac Australia customers. Internet connection is required. Normal data charges apply.
Fees, charges and credit criteria may apply. Read the terms & conditions for Online Banking & each relevant product or service at westpac.com.au/westpacliveterms before making a decision.
® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.
©2015 Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 233714
•快速平衡 - 查看可用余额,最近的交易和高度奖励积分最多3个符合条件的帐户无需登录^
•管理收款人和BPAY billers
#Hey你是打在Q控股有限公司ABN 67 601 969 840的商标。
®注册BPAY私人有限公司ABN 69 079 137 518。
©2015西太平洋银行ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL和澳大利亚信贷许可证233714

Westpac Mobile Banking 更新内容

• Lock your debit/credit card temporarily – if you have misplaced your credit or debit card you can lock it for up to 15 days until you find it≠.
• BT Super for Life – open a new account, view your transaction details or email payroll to change your super account.
If you are having issues, please delete and re-install the app to ensure that you have the latest version.

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Android 4.4 以上
Google Play

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