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M16 Rifle Simulator

M16 Rifle Simulator

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M16 Rifle Simulator 截图

M16 Rifle Simulator M16 Rifle Simulator M16 Rifle Simulator M16 Rifle Simulator M16 Rifle Simulator M16 Rifle Simulator

M16 Rifle Simulator 描述

M16 Simulator is most realistic gun application in Android market!
Original sound, realistic look and many details of guns. You can choose from three types of M16 including grenade version. Each gun have different, unique sound and special mode. Burst mode is available. M16 have limited capacity so be careful when you will be in the middle of battle ;).
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How to use :
-to shoot simply touch gun image
-to change shooting mode touch selected switch
-to reload touch ammo clip
-when you want to change gun simply press Change gun text and select desirable version of M16
If you like this app please leave a comment. Also if you have any idea how to improve it fell free to email us.
Have a lot of fun,
Paweł and Maciej
Keywords : M16, grenade launcher, machine gun, gun, special forces, war, Desert Storm, soldier, burst, shooting, ammo, bullet

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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