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Sith Path

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Sith Path Sith Path Sith Path Sith Path Sith Path Sith Path

Sith Path 描述

Sith Path is, in our humble opinion, one of the best force app on Android Market!

This app is from Star Wars fans to fans. In consequence, please send to us any ideas how you would like to improve it! We will take all of yours suggestion to consideration. Then what you can do?

Have you ever dream of feeling how it is to poses such a great power? Just Have you ever dream of being a Sith?
Furthermore, since the 1.0.3 version you can use Lightsaber as well as a Force Powers!!!

- LIGHTSABERS!!! Each character has its own lightsaber. Moreover, while you are moving a
saber(mobile), there are executed different(random) sounds.

- DUELLING MODULE!!! Now you can start in competition with your friend(s).
Use Pure Force as much as you can to gain more points and do not stop until
your opponent(s) will stop firstly! Then compare your results and let the best win!

- Change the main character to your favourite one!
(Have you ever dream of how to be Dark Lord yourself?)

- Hear different (random) sounds of each character

- Check some detail information about characters

- Change the force to use

- Hear sounds of forces

- Check some detail information about forces

- Listen to the magnificent theme music

- FEEL the incredible power of FORCE and LIGHTSABER - vibration, sound and music!(Haven't you dream of feeling to execute
force power by yourself?)

If you like our app, please give us some stars in Android Market and leave a comment.

Feel free to recommend our app to your friends!

Have fun!

Maciej & Paweł.

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Sith Path 更新内容


- Added: Crystal color chooser for lightsaber !!!

- Added: Direct Link to Jedi Path from the menu

- Better performance

- Less storage space with better quality

Sith Path 历史版本

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Sith Path 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上

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