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Learn languages with SuperMemo – quickly and effectively
Learn new languages and improve your language skills effectively with SuperMemo, the award- winning method of learning with fans all over the world.
WARNING! People get addicted to the SuperMemo method once they see how quickly they make progress and learn a language! SuperMemo sets an optimum repetition plan, which minimizes the time spent on learning, and guarantees nearly 100% knowledge retention to those users who study regularly.
30% increase in learning results thanks to the SuperMemo method – effectiveness proved by scientific research.
Perfect for students, executives and those who need to effectively learn a language anywhere they are.
The application includes:
✓ Extensive language course catalogue
✓ Synchronization feature – synchronise your course among the SuperMemo platforms (online and offline)
✓ Calendar with a repetition plan
✓ The award-winning SuperMemo method implemented in every course
Available types of courses:
✓ Comprehensive courses
✓ Vocabulary builders
✓ Grammar courses
✓ Exam preparation courses
✓ Phrase books
✓ And many others…
All the courses contain:
✓ The SuperMemo method – the original spaced repetition feature to help you memorize a new language quickly
✓ Recordings of native speakers which will help you practise your pronunciation untill it is perfect
✓ Your individual study plan based on your abilities and time spent on learning
There are many methods inspired by the SuperMemo algorithm, but it was SuperMemo to prove that successful learning is based on regular repetition. The SuperMemo algorithm continues to be the best "virtual teacher" and the only one supported by scientific research.
★ SuperMemo among Newsweek’s 31 ways to get smarter in 2012
“If you want to commit something to memory, the best time to recall it is the instant before you forget it. The flashcard program SuperMemo helps you catalog that important new data—and then reminds you to remember it at that perfect moment before it slips away.”
-- Newsweek, 9-10/01/2012, Sharon Begley
★ Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm
„SuperMemo is a program that keeps track of discrete bits of information you've learned and want to retain. (…)SuperMemo tracks this so-called forgetting curve and reminds you to rehearse your knowledge when your chance of recalling it has dropped to, say, 90 percent. When you first learn a new vocabulary word, your chance of recalling it will drop quickly. But after SuperMemo reminds you of the word, the rate of forgetting levels out. The program tracks this new decline and waits longer to quiz you the next time”.
-- Wired Magazine, 16/05/2008, Gary Wolf
学习语言的SuperMemo - 快速,有效地
警告!人们沉迷于SuperMemo记忆法,一旦他们看到他们如何迅速进步,学习一门语言! SuperMemo的设置一个最佳的重复计划,最大限度地减少学习上所花的时间,并保证几乎100%的知识保留规律地学习这些用户。
SuperMemo记忆法学习成果 - 效益增加30%的科研证明。
✓同步功能 - 同步课程之间的SuperMemo平台(在线和离线)
✓SuperMemo记忆法 - 原来的间隔重复功能,以帮助你记住了一门新的语言迅速
的方法有很多的SuperMemo算法的启发,但它是SuperMemo的证明,成功的学习是基于规律的重复。 SuperMemo的算法仍然是最好的“虚拟教师”,也是唯一一个由科研支持。
- “新闻周刊”,莎朗·贝格利,9-10/01/2012
“SuperMemo是一个程序,跟踪你已经学到的离散位的信息,并希望保留。 (...)的SuperMemo跟踪这个所谓的遗忘曲线,并提醒你排练的知识,当你回想起来的机会下降,比方说,90%的。当您第一次学习一门新的词汇,你有机会回顾它会迅速下降。但SuperMemo的提醒后,你的字,忘记水平的速度。程序跟踪这个新的下降和等待更长的时间来考考你下一次“。
- 连线杂志,16/05/2008,加里·沃尔夫

SuperMemo 更新内容

- Added permissions request to access phone state
- Fixed threads management

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Android 2.3.2 以上
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