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Valencia Watch!

Valencia Watch!

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Valencia Watch! Valencia Watch! Valencia Watch!

Valencia Watch! 描述

You don't know, where you'll be able to watch Valencia's match, tonight?

Where you will see the next match? Valencia Watch is an official product of the club that lets you find the best places around you, where you can watch the match of your team, wherever you are worldwide.
The owners of establishments such as bars, pubs and restaurants confirms their television programming in order to that sport fans won't miss any match.
It works as a social network of supporters, whose can find a place and share where they are watching the match. Enjoy the best football of Valencia on your mobile device.

-Find a place where to match your team through gps system
-Add establishments as favourite to receive local programming and promotions
-Go to the calendar of upcoming matches of your team
-Comment the match across the timeline tab
-Share your location to social networks and so your friends can also attend a place with you
-Win points and get badges of fans

Valencia Watch! 更新内容


New features, focus on places and establishments

Visualization of services of establishments

Became official product and incorporate official images and logos

Posibility to "pick" a place and receive push notifications such as matches confirmations or promotions

Valencia Watch! 历史版本

Valencia Watch! 信息

休闲益智 休闲
Android 2.2.x 以上
We watch the match

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