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Pépé le compiler is a Standard Pascal compiler for the Android platform, that runs directly on the handheld. Even offline, Pépé generates true native ARM executable code from standard Pascal source program.
Console applications can be generated on board, provided the device runs with an ARM processor.
The application includes a basic editor, an inline ARM assembler and a disassembler for the generated executables.
This compiler has first been developed for the PalmOS platform, generating on board true 68 000 native code. The name of this application was PP for « Palm Pascal », to be pronounced « Pépé » with the french accent.
When Palm devices migrated to the ARM processor, a new version of this compiler, generating true ARM native code was developed.
Pépé le compiler is the successor of these two compilers, and the name suggests that it still allows to program Pascal in the palm of the hand.
The project is open source https://github.com/k33g/pp.
The documentation "Pépé le manual" is available in the download section at http://www.ppcompiler.org/?lng=en
And voilà.

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Update from version 1.10 :
File handling is facilitated by additionnal predefined functions :
- seek(f,n) set the current entry of file f at the n-th position;
- filesize(f) returns the number of entries of the file f;
- filepos(f) returns the current position in the file f;
- erase(name) erases the file named name.

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Android 1.6 以上
Google Play

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