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Prayers of Avatar Meher Baba

Prayers of Avatar Meher Baba

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Prayers of Avatar Meher Baba Prayers of Avatar Meher Baba Prayers of Avatar Meher Baba Prayers of Avatar Meher Baba Prayers of Avatar Meher Baba Prayers of Avatar Meher Baba

Prayers of Avatar Meher Baba 描述

Avataar Meher Baba born Merwan Sheriar Irani, was an Indian God-realized master of Zoroastrian Persian origin who declared publicly in 1954 that he was the Avataar (God-Incarnate) of the age. The saying "Dont worry, be happy" comes from him. He is seen as a compassionate figure of love and compassion in the eyes of his devotees, Meher means Compassion and Love in the Persian language. He attained divine Samadhi on January 31, 1969 and even today has millions of followers all around the world.
This application is a small tribute to his "Universal Work" in this world. He said "I have not come to teach, but to Awaken". "I am the one so many seek and so few find". People were reduced to tears just by meeting him and feeling the Divine Love coming from him.
From July 10, 1925 to the end of his life, the Avataar maintained silence, and only communicated by means of an alphabet board or by hand gestures. He also engaged in works of charity with lepers, the poor, and the mentally ill, which are the hallmarks of any great saint.
Avataar Meher Baba gave his followers a number of divine prayers and asked them to pray the prayers daily. These prayers include:
1. The 101 Names of God. These were compiled by Meher Baba from the ancient Zoroastrian religion he was born in. On 22-4-1963, at a Poona gathering Meher Baba said: "If you repeat this prayer with Love, no other prayer remains to be said. Anyone can repeat these names with Love, irrespective of the religion he belongs to."
2. Prayer of Repentance, given by Meher Baba on 8 November 1952, originally in Gujarati. Baba introduced the prayer saying, "Maybe some of you, or many of you, or all of you have no bindings, or desires and attachments. But as today I am in this state (of a devotee) I would like you to join me, to encourage me in asking God's forgiveness."
3. Universal Prayer (Master’s Prayer), given by Meher Baba on 13 August 1953. O Parvardigar is the common name of a prayer composed by Meher Baba, also called the Master's Prayer or the Universal Prayer. The prayer is a prayer of praise, and lists the attributes of God. It uses divine names of God from various faiths, and the attributes of God praised are those of omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, and infinite love which are described in all religions on this earth.
4. Beloved God is the common name of a prayer created by Meher Baba on August 25, 1959. Meher Baba was fond of the prayer, and encouraged his followers to repeat it.
Prayers of Avataar Meher Baba application provides you with options of reading following prayers:
1. First Prayer – 101 Names of God
2. Prayer of Repentance
3. Universal Prayer (Master’s Prayer)
4. Beloved God
• Supports most Android Phones
• Support for four different background colors
• Supports 3 fonts and 4 font sizes for the English language.

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