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Money Tracker Free

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Money Tracker Free Money Tracker Free Money Tracker Free Money Tracker Free Money Tracker Free Money Tracker Free Money Tracker Free

Money Tracker Free 描述

Money Tracker is application to control your daily expenses and save money that you might miss at the end of month.
Specify desired monthly budget, and then easily control everyday expenses in our application. Enter daily all expenses, and your end of month balance is immediately calculated. You can see whether your expense is over the budget or is in the limit. You also always see available money to spend till the end of month. When you are close to the budget, you need to limit spending or stop spending at all, so you reach planned end of month budget. In this way you have your money under control, and you can make long term financial planes more easily in a controlled way. Plan more months budgets and control spendings over the year, so you save the money at the end!
New graphical reports allows you to see all your monthly transactions on one screen. Transactions are grouped by categories, so you can see in which category you have most spendings to reduce.
Following features are implemented in Money Tracker:
- Entering daily incomes/expenses or future expenses
- Calculating end of month balance, and available money to spent
- Monthly spending budgets
- Editable categories for transactions
- Graphical monthly reports
- Export and import of data
- Rounding problem fix
- More features under development, just try and see
If you have any ideas for improvement or missing some feature write us email.
Download Money Tracker and save your money by controlling daily expenses!
- 进入日常收入/支出或未来支出
- 计算一个月的平衡结束,可用的钱给花
- 每月支出预算
- 可编辑类别交易
- 图形月度报告
- 导出和导入数据
- 四舍五入问题修复
- 开发更多的功能,也试一试

Money Tracker Free 更新内容

Redesigned graphics, fixed issues with import/export, added recurrent transaction support.
Fixed reloading transactions list when transaction is edited.

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Android 3.0.0 以上

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