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AlpineQuest GPS Hiking (Lite)下载

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking (Lite)

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking (Lite)

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AlpineQuest GPS Hiking (Lite) AlpineQuest GPS Hiking (Lite) AlpineQuest GPS Hiking (Lite) AlpineQuest GPS Hiking (Lite) AlpineQuest GPS Hiking (Lite)

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking (Lite) 描述

AlpineQuest Lite is a completely free solution for outdoor activities and sports. It's designed to be completely usable even if no network is available, like often when hiking in mountain, in deep wild, or abroad.You have the choice to create your offline (on-board) maps using your desktop computer and hi-speed Internet access at home (useful for large areas), or access them from your device when the network is available (maps are stored on your memory card for offline display).You can save and restore unlimited number of locations in GPX format, to/from your SD memory card. You can display on the map locations from GPX files and LOC files (used for Geocaching). Advanced features (routes, tracks)and KML format requires the full version.Features include: Online and offline maps; On-map geolocation using GPS/Network; Map orientation and compass; Load from SD card and display on map waypoints from GPX and LOC files; Direction information to selected waypoint; Longitude/Latitude or grid coordinates (UTM, USNG, MGRS, OSGB, Irish, CH1903); Metric and imperial distance units.Full version includes: Built-in GPS tracker; Built-in route and waypoints creator (GPX format); Quick Chart Maps (.QCT) from Memory-Map; Load and display on map waypoints, routes and tracks from GPX, KML and LOC files;PLEASE report bugs and suggestions on our forum http://forum.psyberia.netand not on comments.Recent changes: New customizable zoom slider and buttons; New fake levels in AQM offline maps to un-zoom much more the maps; Display of map levels in the Maps Explorer; Multitouch improved; Few bug fixes.Content rating: Low Maturity

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旅游出行 地图导航
Android 3.0.0 以上

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