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高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版) 截图

高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版) 高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版) 高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版) 高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版) 高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版) 高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版)

高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版) 描述

AlpineQuest Lite is
the free solution for all outdoor activities and sports, including hiking, running, trailing, hunting, sailing, geocaching, off-road navigation and much more.
You can access and store locally a large range of on-line topographic maps, which will remain available even while being out of cell coverage. AlpineQuest also supports on-board file based maps, like MemoryMap(c) maps.
By using the GPS and the magnetic sensor of your device (with compass display), getting lost is part of the past: you are localized in real-time on the map, which can also be oriented to match where you are looking at.
By staying fully operational out of cell coverage (as often in mountain or abroad), AlpineQuest assists you in all your desires of deep wilderness exploring...
Don't hesitate, use it right now for free!
PLEASE report suggestions and issues on our dedicated forum http://www.alpinequest.net/forum (no registration needed, all questions answered) and not in comments.
Key features (for the full/paid version) are:
★★ Maps ★★
• Built-in online maps (with automatic local storage; road, topo and satellite maps included);
• Built-in online layers (road names and hills shading);
• Get more online maps and layers in one click from the included community map list (Nokia maps, Yahoo! Maps, local topo maps, ...);
• Complete area storage of online maps for off-line use;
• On-board offline maps support (visit our website to get the free map creator MOBAC);
• Memory-Map support (QuickChart .QCT maps only, .QC3 maps not compatible, test your maps using the free Lite version first);
• Multiple maps in layers display, with per-map opacity control;
• Advanced SD memory card Map Explorer and Scanner.
★★ Landmarks ★★
• Create, display, save, restore unlimited number of waypoints, routes, areas and tracks;
• Import/export GPX files, Google Earth KML/KMZ files, CSV/TSV files;
• Support OziExplorer WPT and Geocaching LOC waypoints;
• Save and share online locations with other users using Community Landmarks;
• Details, advanced statistics and interactive graphics on various items;
• Time Controller to replay time-tagged tracks;
• Routes, tracks and areas creator;
• Advanced SD memory card Landmarks Explorer.
★★ GPS Position / Orientation ★★
• On-map geolocation using GPS or Network;
• Map orientation, compass and target finder;
• Built-in GPS/Barometric track recorder (long tracking capable, running in a separate and light process);
• Proximity alerts and leave path alerts;
• Barometer support (for compatible devices).
★★ And more: ★★
• Metric, imperial and hybrid distance units;
• GPS Latitude/Longitude and grid coordinate formats (UTM, MGRS, USNG, OSGB, Irish Grid, Swiss Grid, Lambert Grids, DFCI Grid, QTH Maidenhead Locator System, ...);
• Ability to import hundreds of coordinate formats from http://www.spatialreference.org;
• On-map grids display;
• Full screen map view;
• Multi-touch zoom;
• ...
About the "Phone state and identity" Android permission: due to the backward compatibility of AlpineQuest with Android 1.5, this permission is automatically added by Google Play.
您可以访问和本地存储大范围的上线地形图,这将保持可用即使被淘汰小区覆盖。 AlpineQuest还支持根据车载文件映射中,像MemoryMap(C)的地图。
•内存映射支持(QuickChart .QCT只映射,映射.QC3不兼容,测试首先使用免费的精简版版本的地图);
•导入/导出的 GPX 的文件,谷歌地球的 KML / KMZ 文件, CSV / TSV 的文件;
•支持OziExplorer WPT 和寻宝 LOC 的航点;
★★ GPS位置/方向★★
•内置的 GPS /气压轨录音机(长跟踪能力,在一个单独的光进程中运行);
关于“手机状态和身份”的Andr​​oid权限:由于AlpineQuest与Android 1.5的向后兼容,此权限将自动由谷歌Play新增。

高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版) 更新内容

• Added a simple night mode;
• Added export of landmarks in AutoCAD DXF file format;
• Added ability to correct maps having shifts over China;
• Changed the on-map compass direction arrow to a field of view;
• Various improvements and bug fixes.
Full version:
• Added basic automatic routing using OSRM online service;
• Added read/import support for RMaps SQLite maps;
• Improved on-map grids.

高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版) 历史版本

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    版本:2.0.2c 高速下载
  • 高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版)


    版本:1.4.22 高速下载
  • 高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版)


    版本:1.4.21 高速下载
  • 高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版)


    版本:1.4.20 高速下载
  • 高山任务GPS徒步旅行(精简版)


    版本:1.4.15 高速下载

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