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Keep track of billable time without taking notes.
Make sure your time is used effectively.
Perfect for consultants, lawyers or contractors.
This application keeps track of hours worked on multiple tasks, projects and clients. Each task may have its own billing rate, and may be non-billable.
Times are either tracked by timer, detection of WiFi networks or through manual entry. Multiple work periods per day are possible, and if you forgot to punch in or out you can adjust the times after the fact.
Each work period can be assigned an aspect. This is a new dimension to the timing which allows you to track - within a task - what the nature of your work is. This way you can track how much of task is spent in meetings, workshops, travel or getting actual work done :)
An aspect can be used to set ringer mode and volume, so that when you switch to meeting mode it turns off the ringer, and when you get back to real work the ringer is restored to the gentle buzz you prefer in a crowded work place.
A billing summary can be generated on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, and for those of us with a salary based on prior performance parameters for a simple equation can be entered for a forecast of future monthly salary.
Adjustable resolution of 1,2,5,6,10,15,20,30 or 60 minutes per hour. Quick access to break functions the length of which can also be adjusted.
A time sheet function is provided where reports can be for an arbitrary time period, per activity, project or client. Shortcuts are available for weekly or monthly views. You can also adjust the granularity for the time sheet if desired , e.g if a client requests a different granularity than default. Time sheets can be mailed as attachments in HTML and CSV format.
The normalization function will adjust actual times by moving fragments in excess of the lower granularity level to the next working day, in order to keep measured and billed times equal. This can be done for a single task or for all tasks.
All data is stored in XML files on the SD card for simple backup and bulk editing. Switching between files is done in the settings screen by switching "Scope". The raw data can also be uploaded to Google Docs as Spreadsheets.
每个工作周期可以分配的一个方面。这是一个新的层面的时间可让您追踪 - 在一个任务 - 你的工作性质是什么。这样你就可以跟踪任务的多少是用在会议,研讨会,旅游或实际工作:)

Doin' Time 更新内容

Version 3.3.32:
Fixed work period transfer
Version 3.3.31:
-Performance improvements
-Fixed project editing
Version 3.3.30:
-Added WiFi triggers
Version 3.2.29:
-Fixed save bug when splitting work periods
Version 3.2.28:
-Fixed landscape bug for time sheet
-Added possibility to add aspects, clients and projects outside of task editing
Version 3.2.27:
-Fixed Time Sheet bug that caused it to fail in January. DOH!

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Android 4.0 以上
Google Play

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