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RobotsAnywhere NavCom 2.x

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RobotsAnywhere NavCom 2.x RobotsAnywhere NavCom 2.x

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The NavCom app turns your phone into the brains of a robot that can operate either in telepresence or autonomous mode! You can use direct serial (on phones that have it), bluetooth, the audio jack or a standard USB cable to talk with the robot body.
This uses a Bluetooth backport to allow phones with Android 1.x to talk to Bluetooth-enabled chasses. Install the 2.x version on 2.x phones!
www.f3.to Check the wiki and forums for schematics, source code, and instructions (and get the Java console from there)
One year after its publication, the original Android robotics project finally hits the Market. Use your phone as the brains of autonomous and telepresence vehicles on land, sea and air; control them with a computer, another phone, or even via SMS messages; get a video feed back even in 1G coverage areas. This has already been used across 9 time zones, including on public roads in two countries!
使用蓝牙移植过来,让手机与Android 1.x中谈论到支持蓝牙的底盘。安装2.x版本2.x的手机!

RobotsAnywhere NavCom 2.x 更新内容

Added firstport=(4445),lastport=(4460),singleport=(443) for compatibility with carrier-imposed firewall.
Added compatibility with Huawei DTS and similar (QCIF camera).
You can now enter bluetooth=0 in the config file to autodetect the bluetooth device.
Config app is now auto-installed.
Numerous speed tweaks.
Now compatible with Verizon cellular modems.
Ability to turn off GPS to cut down on power consumption.
Added camera mode.
Added USB host support (telnet and shell mode).

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Android 2.0 以上
Google Play

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