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Word It! Word It! Word It!

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The most challenging and addictive words game! Like a Scrabble Solitaire!

* To access the HELP section, press the Android menu button and choose HELP. You can also watch the presentation video to see how to play!
* The first time you access a game mode the application has to build the dictionary DB; it will take some time (1-5 minutes, depending on hardware); this is absolutely normal; please be patient and wait for the job to finish as the game won't work otherwise; this applies for each dictionary and occurs ONLY ONCE.
* please send an email if you have problems playing the game; your feedback would be very appreciated

You can purchase the Ad Free Version from the Amazon App Store - until Google will allow selling apps from my country.

A very challenging and addictive words game with a 127803 words dictionary for English and 354248 for Romanian. It is the Solitaire of Scrabble. Different from any other words game on the market.

How many words do you know? Are you ready to unlock the Walking Dictionary achievement? Or the ultimate Running Encyclopedia achievement?

The game engine uses a Scrabble like scoring system and the same letter distribution. The probability of an incoming letter is the same as if you would extract that specific letter from a Scrabble bag.

With Openfeint integration, you have 32 achievements with almost 650 Openfeint points. And more to come.

Please read the HELP section before playing the game. You can access the HELP section by pressing the Menu button and then chose HELP.

* the game only allows words with at least 4 letters and maximum 10 letters (board limit)
* the game engine recognizes 127803 English words and
354248 Romanian words
* the game has 2 modes: Word Hunter and Scrabblelissimo
* in Word Hunter the words are submitted automatically once they are created; the longest word possible will be submitted
* in Scrabblelissimo you have to manually highlight the word you want to submit with a drag gesture: you start from the first letter of a word until the last one (or viceversa)
* in Word Hunter words can me made in line, column or diagonal
* in Scrabblelissimo words can be made only on line or column

Tags: words, letters, scrabble, crosswords, openfeint, word it.

PERMISSIONS: Internet permission is used to display ads; System settings is needed on some devices to persist the Music settings.

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- optimized for tablets

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Android 1.6.0 以上
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