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Tennessee Radar

Tennessee Radar

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Tennessee Radar Tennessee Radar Tennessee Radar Tennessee Radar

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I have had people ask for resizing on this. I enabled resizing which works fine on my Lenovo tablet but people are complaining about it not working on their phone. The widget is already four icons wide and the ratio of the screen is what it is. If your phone is also four icons wide, your options are, of course, limited. If you have an idea what you want, tell me what it is and I'll probably see if I can implement it. Otherwise, as far as I'm aware, resizing works as expected and simply complaining won't help anyone.
GOOD NEWS! No need to update to plus. I found the key. New update uploaded
Note that this is a widget. Once installed, you will have to add it to your homescreen, it won't do it automatically! You may need to reboot your phone before the widget shows as avalable (this is a known issue with Android).
Newschannel5 Storm Tracker radar watching app (Neither this app nor company are associated with Newschannel 5 in any way). Updates every 20 minutes unless refreshed manually.
A couple of my commenters don't seem to get the widget thing. Constructive comments would be appreciated (It's free, no ads after all)
It appears that at least one ad blocking application, Adaway blocks the site that provides the images. If you are not getting a display, consider disabling the ad blocking or add the site to the whitelist. The site is ftpcontent2.worldnow.com
Update, 2nd March. Images have not been updating since the 2nd of February. Looks like Newschannel5 definitely changed their site this time. Please stand by.
Newschannel5风暴跟踪雷达看应用程序(无论这个程序,也没有公司与Newschannel 5以任何方式有关)。更新每隔20分钟,除非手动刷新。

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NC5 changed URLs again.
Note, Due to changes, now a problem with keeping up-to-date. Need to study

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生活休闲 小工具
Android 1.6.0 以上
Richard Thomas Consulting

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